Monday, November 23, 2009

Three Business of Bali Local Company is Liquidated

In the middle of Governor Proposal forming BUMD PT Bali Mandara precisely had troubled Bali local companies. This condition is extremely worrying. From five local companies, three of them had liquidated since they keep suffer lose. They are chicken breeding farm at Pekarangan, Bedugul for about 3.8 hectare, trade industry business unit at Kamboja Street Denpasar and Bali textile industry (Balitex) in Kesiman (2.8 hectare). Now only two units who keep survive which are vegetable industrial unit in Kembang Mertha Bedugul in Tabanan for about 4.3 hectare and plantation business unit in Jembrana for around 100 hectare.

The director of Bali Local Company, IGN Suteja on Monday (November 16th) asserted that those three failed business had been handed over to the provincial government of Bali. While the profit of the Bali Local Company in 2008 is for about Rp 1.169. 675. 000 from Pulukan coconut plantation land’ compensation result with PY Citra Indah Pralaya Lestari (CIPL). Before in 2007 the profit was Rp 435 million.

He said, Pulukan coconut plantation for around 795 hectare now had cooperated with PT Citra Indah Pralaya Lestari (CIPL) for rubber. “The plant had growth well and the next three years will give some result,” said this formerly Kadisperindag Bali – Head of Bali Trade and Commerce Institution –

Coconut plantation industry decided to join cooperation with PT CIPL because it was estimated that cooperation would give more profit since lot of the coconut trees at there had already old. Moreover, the local company does not have lot of professional employee. That’s make cooperation with a third party which has professionalism is needed. At least from that cooperation, the salary of those who works at Pulukan Plantation who reaches 700 laborers now is under the management of PT CIPL. For now Bali Local Company merely have for about 200 laborers spread around business unit in Sanghyang Plantation and vegetable unit of Kembang Mertha.

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