Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It’s The Boy Now Who Got Drawn

After Anang Saipul Hadi (23) Lingkungan Dauh Waru citizen in Jembrana died dragged by the flow when took bath at Dangin Berawah Beach, Perancak, Jembrana, now its turn to be the five years old boy get dragged died. Mohamad Rifki Hamdani lived in Dusun Pangkung Wani, RT 01, Yeh Sumbul village, Mendoyo died tragically after dragged by the flow of the river closed to his house that is usually used by people around there to take a bath.

From the information so far, on Tuesday (October 20), tragedy happened to this kindergarten student began when he came from school, Rifki asked by his mother to play.

At first, Rifki played closed to his mother. But since his mother fully concentrates on doing her own activity make she loosens her surveillance. Near dawn, she realized that his child was nowhere to be seen.

Panic and confused, she decided to walk along the river to find her child. But that was useless made she thought that her child got drawn.

That curiosity is proven to be right when Rifki founded he had already a corpse. This instantly made her mother shocked as reported by local citizen to the sector police office in Mendoyo.

That police reacted toward that report and immediately went to the location of that incident. The investigation is led by Mendoyo Head of Sector Police Office, Iptu Moh. Tahir. Moh Tahir under the authorization of Police Main Base in Jembrana, AKBP Ketut Suardana when confirmed on Tuesday (October 20th) justified that accident. “The victim is in fact died drawn,” he said.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tiding Net, Two Tons Whale Shark been Trapped

Musahibin (33) never expected that his net he tided with his friends would catch two tons whale shark. Eight meters in length whale was trapped by the net of Pebuahan villagers, Banyubiru, Negara when tided in the water closed to his house.

When met on Friday (October 9th) Musahibin said that the beginning of this whale been trapped when he pull the net of one of his group, Sulaiman Daimi.

”At the beginning I thought that whale was a ray’s wheel,” he said. He predicted the whale been caught in radius 400 meters from the cost. “I only used ferny net, so it I’m not able to catch the fish far till the center of the sea,” he explained.

After been caught, that whale went berserk until his left foot got hurt strike by the fin of that whale. “His skin feels so rough,” he said.

Don’t want to take any risk and in order to save his net, Musahibin together with his companion perforce to hurt that whale with blade onto his head.

Musahibin confessed that someone had bought that whale shark for fifteen million Rupiah. While waiting for the buyer from Yeh Kuning, I tied the whale or now,” he said. That discovery constantly attracted people’s attention. They in throngs saw that ancient finding.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Local Activity to Attract Visitor

In order to attract the domestic and non-domestic visitors to visit Lovina tourism object, some of tourism agents together with the Kaliasem village’s fishermen of Banjar District held Lovina Sail Boat Race 2009.

For about 27 sampans on Sunday (October 18th) participated in this Lovina Sail Boat 2009 championship at Spice Dive Lovina Beach in Kaliasem village Banjar district. The event that is held every year besides dedicated for fun but also become attracting event for tourism in Lovina.

”This activity is part of having fun activity, conducted in celebrating the Independent Day of Indonesia but the development of that event is welcoming by people in Buleleng and some sponsor in tourism industry, it can be seen from the people foreign tourist enthusiasm, makes this event continuously developed,” said the head of Kaliase Village, Ketut Widana.

In this third local championship, the participants are not from Kaliasem village only but there are outsiders who merely want to participate in this championship.

”There are 27 participants from Kaliasem village, there is also participant from Sangsit village of Sawan district and also from Kampung Bugis village of Buleleng district,” said the Head of the committee LSBR 2009, Bachrudin.

That activity evidently received nice response from the visitors; they were totally enjoyed people’s activity.

”Moreover on yesterday when we conduct some experiment, the visitor had already interested. There were people who rent one hundred thousand for one hour surround the edge of the beach. The boat was unique, small but aggressive,” said Iim Dive Shop businessman in Lovina.

In Lovina Sail Boat Race 2009 championship, the participant sailing through 1.5 km length starting from Spice Dive Beach then to the west –Gusung Sea Park- then to the east of Tanjung Sea Park and back to Spice Dive Beach.

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Fowl Smuggling Change Strategy

Galungan day is targeted by fowl smugglers by getting through Gilimanuk Port. Since on that Hindu’s day the fowl necessity is increasing drastically which causing price rising. In order to achieve bigger profit those fowl smugglers change their strategy.

From the information that has been gathered, after their action smuggling the fowls by entrust it into the commodities cars or hidden it in bus baggage is continuously bared, the smugglers change their strategy.

Fowl smuggling is not conducted in one time smuggling but it is divided and packed in sack where each sack contains 20-25 fowls to prevent from discovering.

After downward from the ship, the smugglers chartered a motorcycle rider to carry the fowls one by one out of the port.

Furthermore, those sacks are collected in a safe place to be transported into certain destination place.

The guarantor of KPT Wilker Gilimanuk, Drh. I Ketut Sonen, under the authorization of head of Farming Quarantine Organization Class I Denpasar, I Ketut Diarmita when confirmed on Wednesday (7/10) said that to anticipate fowl smuggling his party will keep involved related institutes, especially KP3 Gilimanuk Sea by improving inspection for all vehicles entering Bali.

”Information enounced about the smuggled fowls was got away used motorcycle riders will be handled with more intensive surveillance. If that information was true, we will process it,” he said.

Besides, Sonen also ask people cooperation to protect Bali from bird flu with giving some information if they saw fowls smuggling through Gilimanuk Port.

Related to the increasing of fowl necessity when Galungan, Sonen keep asserted since that fowls is classified as forbidden animal entering Bali according to Governor Regulation Number 44 years 2005, Bill Number 16 years 1992 and Government Regulation Number 82 years 2000, make his party cannot give any tolerance.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Before Galungan, Bamboo Price Rise Drastically

Before Galungan and Kuningan Days bamboo price for penjor’s - a long bamboo pole about eight meter high with curved end, and decorated with palm leaves, rice paddies, corn on the cob, coconut, cakes, a piece of white or yellow cloth, etc. It is the symbol of Mount Agung and also as gratitude for the agricultural produce- is rise drastically. Even thought it rise drastically but there is still lot of buyers, this condition make the seller of bamboo and offering tools for big days ceremony of Hindu’s people feel relief.

Before Galungan and Kuningan, Balinese Hindu’s people are busy to prepare themselves to celebrate the ceremony which comes once every six months.

One of those preparations is making penjor. In making penjor bamboo stands as its main stuff. Since there are many Balinese people makes penjor then the demand for bamboo also rise drastically.

Today in Gianyar Regency, the major price for bamboo is Rp 17.000. And this price has totally different with its usual price for only Rp 7.000 per bamboo.

One of the seller named I Made Nuaba said that bamboo’s price rising cannot be free from the basic price that is also rising.

”We looking for bamboo in Bangli, nowadays the price of bamboo had already rose makes us to rise its price also to the consumers,” explained by Nuaba, one of the seller in Batubulan.

This price rising not only makes their shop lack of buyers. From 250 bamboos there are still 50 bamboos remain.

”At first I’m looking for only small number of bamboo since there are so many orders then I add the numbers,” he said while tidying up his bamboos.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Malaysian Investor Targeting Nusa Penida Island

Investor from Klantan Malaysia is targeted Nusa Penida Island for investment. This investor interested to build a resort in the island that is belonging to the administration area of Klungkung Regency in Bali.

Nusa Penida Head District I Made Sudiarkajaya in his statement in Nusa Penida, on Sunday (4/10) stated that this Malaysian investor planning to built a resort for about 50-1000 hectare widhth from 20.224 hectare of Nusa Penida Island. Whereas, the investment wishes by people in that area was ranch investment.

“They are indeed had made master plan, his plan to make a resort on 50-100 hectare land is impossible in term of supporting capability and receiving capability while we hope for ranch investment,” explained I Made Sudiarkajaya.

I Made Sudiarkajaya mentioned that besides Malaysian investor, there is also Hongkong and English investor interested for investment in this island.

According to Sudiarkajaya, today in Nusa Penida there are five villas but four of them have no authorization yet.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Winasa is targeted as the Suspect

Jembrana Regent Prof. drg. I Gede Winasa fulfilled the call from Satuan Tidak Pidana Korupsi Polda Bali –Bali Regional Police Squad of Criminal Action for Corruption-, Friday (25/9) for second investigation related to the project of organic trash manufacture machine (compost factory) in Kaliakah village, Kota Negara district.

Even though still investigate as the witness; it is possible for Regent Winasa to be established as the suspected after other suspects.

Regent Winasa came to Regional Police Station, at WR Supratman Street Denpasar, Friday in the afternoon at 13.30 Wita –Middle Indonesian Time- late for 5.6 hours from the original schedule at 10.00 Wita –Middle Indonesian Time- because the schedule was collided with the task of official duty as the head of Region. Winasa came without any assistance from his lawyer instead he was accompanied by his First Assistance Regency Territory Secretary who also act as his Law Expert Staff.

After arrived at Bali Regional Police Station, Winasa immediately went through investigation for about 2.5 hours, starting from 13.30 Wita until 16.00 Wita. After being investigate, he said little comment to the press “Off course, as a good citizen, I have an obligation to fulfill a call from police,” he said bout his investigation.

But when he was asked about the amount of question asked by the investigator of Bali Regional Police, Regent with several amounts of Muri Award (Record Museum of Indonesia) admitted that he wasn’t remember. Winasa also confess that he did not remember about the material of investigator questions. “I forgotten the detail of those questions,” said the husband of Banyuwangi Regent Ratna Ani Lestari vaguely while he entered his car at once to catch his flight to Surabaya at Ngurah Rai International Airport Tuban, for some business in the City of Heroes.

This is for the second time Winasa investigated as a witness in corruption assumption case of compost factory project at Kaliakah village. The first investigation was conducted on June 10, 2009. at that time Winasa was asked for 70 questions and investigated for seven hours starting from 16.30 Wita until 23.35 Wita. Whereas, the Head of Tipikor Polda Bali -Bali Regional Police Squad of Criminal Action for Corruption- AKBP Nengah Bardin stated that Winasa was investigated as a witness related to the file sharpening purpose of the eight Suspects in supposition case corruption of compost factory project.

Related to that investigation, Winasa, according to Nengah Bardin, his party prepared five questions. Those five questions is the sharpener from the last investigation, that is about machine purchasing documents and the document before transaction existed. Besides, that investigation also conducted to complete P-19 suspected one of Nyoman Suryadi as the Head of Public Work and Live Area of Jembrana. Under the direction of Public Prosecutor, the police was asked to conduct another investigation toward Winasa.

“That’s why we called Mr. Winasa again, could he explained the against the law elements performed by Nyoman Suryadi or not,” explained Nengah Barding after the investigation session over at Bali Regional Police Sation, Friday evening.

Nengah Bardin also said that his party in addition asked about the existence of documents like notes, present list in meeting preparation started from its planning until the purchasing of trash processing machine into compost. That officer said that his party found several deviations in that compost factory case. “According to the investigation and audit BPKP –Money and Establishment Surveillance Department- found country’s detriment for about 2.3 billion Rupiah. Beside that there was also fictive contract,” he explained.

Nengah Bardin also leaked out in that agreement with the Japanese –who conduct the project- in the document seem that the project was conducted by CV Puri Bening Jembrana while in fact that CV had nothing to do with that project.

That document, he said, was used to liquefy the fund. According to Nengah Barding, country’s detriment from APBD –Region Budgetary and Income- of Jembarana starting from 2006 to 2008 reach 2.3 billion Rupiah. Thus made Winasa called again as the witness in this case. That doesn’t mean also that he can get free from the law. Since the police had already targeting him as the suspect.
Nengah Bardin emphasized that to catch Winasa as a suspect, his party still waiting for the others eight suspects. “If their file already in P21, we can start sharpening our investigation with Mr. Winasa.” The next investigation can be lead into another stage.

Corruption Supposition case of compost factory seized eight suspects. Four of them has been expropriated into the high attorney of Bali on June 2009, they are I Gusti Ketut Muliartha (Jembrana Regency Company), I Nyoman Gde Saguna (the leader of Jembrana Public Work and Live Area activity), I Nyoman Suryadi (Head of PU and LH official), also I gde Putu Wardana (official of Foreign Affair Department of Jembrana).

While the other four suspects, I Gede Suadnyana (Jembrana Regency Government Staff), I Putu Dian Damayana (Head Department of Jembrana Regency Company Monetary), and Kazuyuki Tzurumi (Japanese citizen who supplied the compost factory machine). While in his letter, Winasa is signed as the witness or suspect. According to Nengah Bardin, files of four suspects are close to P-19, except for the four suspects whose file has been delivered to the high attorney.

“The problem is, those machines are random ensemble machine, so will be hard to decide the exact price. Moreover, there is no same machine that can be use as comparison,” said Nengah Bardin.

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