Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Jimbaran

Enjoying fresh sea food accompanied by the lullaby of crashing wavers is not an exclusive attribute of Jimbaran. In Jembrana, the westernmost regency of Bali, similar joy can be found at Pebuahan village, Banyubiru. Here culinary addicts can enjoy their meal in the constant sound of crashing waves whilst watching daily activity of local traditional fishermen.

Pebuahan village, located about 5 kilometers away from Negara, the capital of Jembrana regency, has translated itself into an alternative of family culinary adventure, as in addition to fresh sea food, especially grilled fish, visitors can enjoy authentic scene of Balinese traditional coastal village, including activities of local fishermen.

Visitors keep on coming to relax and enjoy special seafood dishes. On weekends and public holidays, visitors significantly increased, dominated by vacationing families. Visitor do not have to dig their pocket too deep to enjoy the seafood in authentic Pebuahan style. A portion of grilled fish with all of its accompaniments costs between 30K to 50K rupiah.

Hariyanto, owner of a seafood restaurant in the area said that he started his business about 4 years ago. “I started to sell grilled fish since about four years ago”, he said. Tens of visitors come tho his stall every day to enjoy his recipe. “I never had a day without a visitors. Everyday I sold about 30kg of fish, and increased up to 100kg over the weekends”, he said.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Governor Refused Komodo Relocation to Bali

Bali Governor, Made Mangku Pastika has finally agreed the recommendation of the Chairman of the House of Representatives (DPRD) of Bali, Ida Bagus Putu Wesnawa, with regard to plan to relocate komodo to Bali. “I do support DPRD in refusing the relocation as the right habitat for the species is in Komodo Island”, Governor Pastika said after an assembly to adjust Bali regional budget.

He also expressed an opposite opinion against reproduction as the reason for relocating komodo to Bali as expressed by the Minister of Forestry. He believes that the best place for genetic reproduction of the species is in its original habitat, not in Bali. “Beside, komodo has been the only trade mark of the East Nusa Tenggara which deserves protection”, he added.

Previously House Chairman Wesnawa expressed his support in refusing the relocation when he met Komodo Care Forum. The reason for the relocation, for reproduction at Bali Safari Park, as expressed by the Minister of Forestry, is considered improper. Komodo Care Forum believes that the reason is just an excuse to cover commercial interest. Therefore House Chairman Wesnawa sent a letter to the Minister of Forestry to refuse the relocation plan.

Meanwhile the general assembly has approved a deficit of Rp 353,637,815,803 in Bali budget of 2009. Revenue was adjusted by Rp 251,565,343,415 into Rp 1,661,108,445,333. Expense was adjusted by Rp 370,773,183,718 into Rp 2,014,746,261,136.

In a final review made by joint spokesman Gede Kesuma Putra, the house exposed several notes which require extra attention of the executive.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Preparation of Kuta Carnival 2009

The Regent of Badung, Anak Agung Gde Agung committed to support Kuta Carnival which will be held in the area under his administration. Regent's commitment was expressed when the organizing committee made a courtesy visit to his office. “We fully support any tourism promotion held in Badung, including Kuta Carnival”, Regent Gde Agung said. Regent Gde Agung was accompanied by Government Secretary, Wayan Subawa, District Head of Kuta, and Village Head of Legian and Seminyak.

Regent Gde Agung said that the annual Kuta Carnival which is coming into its 7th year has to be continued for its strategic support to tourism promotion of Badung, and therefore the Regency Government of Badung will give its best to support the event. “We have to hold Kuta Carnival every year, and should never miss a year out. Missing out an annual event like Kuta Carnival will affect other events as well as Bali tourism image”, he added.

The event is getting even more important to restore public trust after the terror attack at Mega Kuningan, Jakarta. Public turst will be affected of the event was cancelled. Regent Gde Agung said that his government will give both financial support as well as other facilities. “We will never decrease our support. We may even give more financial support than the previous years”, he said. However he refused to expose the exact figure. Last year in addition to injecting financial support, the Regency Government of Badung also waived promotion tax.

Regent Gde Agung reminded the organizing committee of Kuta Carnival to work hard for better quality, so Kuta Carnival can become a really high quality promotional event. “Kuta Carnival has to be well organized, including its events”, he said.

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Kuta Carnival, Ketut Nugra, expressed his appreciation for the Regent's commitment. Being a promotional event to maintain and improve brand image, Kuta Carnival needs support from the authority. Even with a number of potential cancellations from foreign participants, the committee remained in a full spirit to ensure every success of the event, and expected presence of the Minster for Culture of Tourism, Jero Wacik, to officially open the mega event on Saturday, September 19th.

As in the previous years, parade will take place at the last day on Sunday, September 27th along with closing ceremony by Regent Gde Agung.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Entrepreneurs have to Keep Up with Technology

To survive and win global competition, entrepreneurs have to keep themselves up with growth of science and technology, especially related to improving human resources. Bali Governor expressed the opinion in his addressing speech at the regional assembly of Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) Bali Chapter. The speech was read out by Deputy Governor A.A. Puspayoga.

Reliable human resource and professionalism in implementing strategic tactics as well as entrepreneurship of each and every Hipmi's members has to be actualized. The vision and mission of Hipmi Bali to serve as a gateway for new and young entrepreneurs in supporting national economy as well as to survive global competition should not be left as an idea, but to be implemented according to gradual plan.

There are six essential elements to be fully mastered to cope with global competition including wide knowledge, ability to analyze situation and choose the right strategic position, flexible, sensitive, and transparent.

Chairman of Hipmi Bali, Nyoman Seniweca said that the government's role especially in regulating business climate is essential. At the moment, business success is rarely coming as a result of government involvement in strengthening national economic structure. “Especially as at the moment job opportunities are very limited and number of unemployment is continuously soaring up”, he said.

Failure of the government to design a strategy to improve the situation, new entrepreneurs who started their business from informal state will not have opportunity to grow for lack of capital and access to both market and financial institutions. “As entrepreneurs the will end up struggling to survive and fail to make contribution to strengthening regional economy”, he said.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Restaurant Waste Damaged Coral Reef

Coral reef revitalization project at Kelan Beach, Tuban, is facing obstacles. Damages to coral reef caused by domestic waste as well as hotels and restaurant disposed directly to the sea were found at several locations.? The situation was exposed by The Head of Office for Husbandry, Fishery, and Marine of Badung Regency, I Made Badra. However he confirmed that revitalization project of 12 hectares of coral reef at Kelan Beach to continue. Unfortunately level of damages caused by hotel and restaurant waste in certain locations came into serious extent that solution to restore them has not even elaborated. Damages caused by similar reasons were also found at Kuta Reef and Tuban Reef.

Badra said that the government of Badung Regency continuously intensify protection of the sea. At the moment protection of reef and water quality is conducted by related institutions between Tuban and Legian. “We continuously monitor water quality to measure level of pollution including in Legian area”, he said. Back to coral reef at Kelan Beach, Badra promised that physical implementation of the revitalization effort will start to become visible within the next one month.

At the moment the team is constructing media. Research on species to be planted is also in progress. The effort is expected to be expanded up to Legian area. “Revitalization area will be continuously expanded and in the future will be developed for marine tourism”, he added. “Management will be later on handed over to fishermen groups”.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Car Free Day in Denpasar

Continuously increasing usage of motor vehicles in Bali, especially Denpasar as the main urban area, which which exceeded available roads has brought into various negative impacts including traffic jams, pollution, and global warming. Therefore the Joint Secretariat of Cycling Groups (SAMAS) which consists of 28 cycling groups suggests real action to promote cycling culture in Bali.

The idea was presented when the executives of SAMAS paid a visit to Bali Press House, Ketut Nadha, on Tuesday (July 28th). Advisor Jaya Kusuma, President Dewa Made Merthaloka, VP Bagus Purnamadi, VP Kadek Sudiarta, Secretary Endra Datta, and Treasurer Gusti Ngurah Budhita were welcomed by the Chairman of Bali Post Media Group, Satria Naradha.

Among the action was suggesting the Mayor of Denpasar to implement car free day in certain roads in Denpasar. The suggestion was positively responded by the Mayor. Car free day will be declared on August 15th 2009 by the Mayor of Denpasar at Puputan Square, Denpasar. Starting August 16th 2009, residents of Denpasar will start to enjoy car free day.

Satria Naradha expressed his positive respond toward the idea of restoring cycling culture in Bali. Whilst he realized that it will be difficult to be implemented in Bali, he expected the government to provide bicycle lane, especially for students. He believed that privision of bicycle lane has been an expression of appreciation to bicycle users.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hotel Occupancy is Predicted to Decrease

Right after the recent incident of two bomb explosions at luxurious hotels in Jakarta, the Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants Association (PHRI) has conducted inventory of hotel occupancy in several areas of the country. The result show that there have been slight decrease in several larger cities and tourist destinations. However the decrease is predicted to extend in within a few months ahead.

Chairman of PHRI, Krisnadi exposed that whilst average occupancy remained beyon 66%, five star hotels are predicted to see a steep decrease of between 10 to 20% on foreign visitors. The situation is expected to go the opposite way in three-star hotels which mostly occupied by domestic guests. “It helps”, he said.

In detail, hotel occupancy rate at the moment are as follow: Jakarta 72%, Bali 82%, Batam 50%, Yogyakarta 75%, Surabaya 70%, Medan 70%, Manado 50%, and Makassar 65%. However the recent terror attack has brought serious fear to many people. Hundred of those planning a visit to Indonesia have canceled their trips.

“Hundred of Australians, Japaneses, and Europeans has confirmed their cancellations. Some of them were scheduled to have a meeting in Bali. We do hope the police to seriously takes care of the issue. The government has to show the same performance as when they were taking care of Bali bomb”, he explained.

Whilst he admitted that bomb can take place anywhere, speedy uncover by the authority can significantly ease its impact to hotel and restaurant industry. “The longer it takes the worse it affects hotel occupancy”, he said.

As an instiuion PHRI strongly comminates both the operatives and the masterminds of the terror attack. On the other side it expresses sincere condolences to the victims and their families. PHRI insists the government to quickly uncover, seize, and put everyone involved into justice. “More than giving bad image of Indonesian tourism, life of thousands of tourism workers are getting at risk for decreasing foreign tourist visits”, he added.