Monday, August 3, 2009

Hotel Occupancy is Predicted to Decrease

Right after the recent incident of two bomb explosions at luxurious hotels in Jakarta, the Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants Association (PHRI) has conducted inventory of hotel occupancy in several areas of the country. The result show that there have been slight decrease in several larger cities and tourist destinations. However the decrease is predicted to extend in within a few months ahead.

Chairman of PHRI, Krisnadi exposed that whilst average occupancy remained beyon 66%, five star hotels are predicted to see a steep decrease of between 10 to 20% on foreign visitors. The situation is expected to go the opposite way in three-star hotels which mostly occupied by domestic guests. “It helps”, he said.

In detail, hotel occupancy rate at the moment are as follow: Jakarta 72%, Bali 82%, Batam 50%, Yogyakarta 75%, Surabaya 70%, Medan 70%, Manado 50%, and Makassar 65%. However the recent terror attack has brought serious fear to many people. Hundred of those planning a visit to Indonesia have canceled their trips.

“Hundred of Australians, Japaneses, and Europeans has confirmed their cancellations. Some of them were scheduled to have a meeting in Bali. We do hope the police to seriously takes care of the issue. The government has to show the same performance as when they were taking care of Bali bomb”, he explained.

Whilst he admitted that bomb can take place anywhere, speedy uncover by the authority can significantly ease its impact to hotel and restaurant industry. “The longer it takes the worse it affects hotel occupancy”, he said.

As an instiuion PHRI strongly comminates both the operatives and the masterminds of the terror attack. On the other side it expresses sincere condolences to the victims and their families. PHRI insists the government to quickly uncover, seize, and put everyone involved into justice. “More than giving bad image of Indonesian tourism, life of thousands of tourism workers are getting at risk for decreasing foreign tourist visits”, he added.