Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Jimbaran

Enjoying fresh sea food accompanied by the lullaby of crashing wavers is not an exclusive attribute of Jimbaran. In Jembrana, the westernmost regency of Bali, similar joy can be found at Pebuahan village, Banyubiru. Here culinary addicts can enjoy their meal in the constant sound of crashing waves whilst watching daily activity of local traditional fishermen.

Pebuahan village, located about 5 kilometers away from Negara, the capital of Jembrana regency, has translated itself into an alternative of family culinary adventure, as in addition to fresh sea food, especially grilled fish, visitors can enjoy authentic scene of Balinese traditional coastal village, including activities of local fishermen.

Visitors keep on coming to relax and enjoy special seafood dishes. On weekends and public holidays, visitors significantly increased, dominated by vacationing families. Visitor do not have to dig their pocket too deep to enjoy the seafood in authentic Pebuahan style. A portion of grilled fish with all of its accompaniments costs between 30K to 50K rupiah.

Hariyanto, owner of a seafood restaurant in the area said that he started his business about 4 years ago. “I started to sell grilled fish since about four years ago”, he said. Tens of visitors come tho his stall every day to enjoy his recipe. “I never had a day without a visitors. Everyday I sold about 30kg of fish, and increased up to 100kg over the weekends”, he said.