Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hotels in Lembongan Dispose Waste to the Sea

Management of hotels in Jungbatu, Lembongan, Nusa Penida, have shown their gut to violate regulations and ignore the environment. They disposed their waste directly to the sea as they did not have adequate waste processing system.

The situation has for sure brought negative impact to marine biota such as fishes and coral reefs. Unfortunately years of violation has never been responded with strict law enforcement by the government. So far all the government has done was something they called as coaching, despite of the fact that the water around Jungbatu, Lembongan, was designed as a conservation area and therefore deserved for extra protection.

As published by Bali Post daily, there are at least three tourism accommodation provider which dispose waste directly to the sea, as reported by local residents to Environment Office of Klungkung, namely CBR, LIBV, and BKR. All of those Bali hotels, Bali villas, and Bali resorts holds all documents related to environment in place, and have been in operation for at least five years.

Head of the Environment office of Klungkung, Dewa Oka Kusumajaya confirmed that his office has received the report about environmental violation conduct submitted by locat residents of Jungbatu. In response, his office has immediately sent an inspection team. However out of three hotels reported, only one has proven to be violating the regulation as reported, which was Bali resorts CBR, owned by Ni Luh Putu Kurniawati.

Dewa further explained that during the inspection, the team has expanded the target to 8 hotels instead of only 3 as reported. “For the time being we have warned them to stop their violation by building adequate waste treatment facility. We will closely monitor their progress. If they remain in negligence, we will be compelled to enforce the regional regulation of Bali No. 4/2005 on pollution and environmental damage. Penalty can be fine or revocation of operational license”, he said.