Saturday, September 5, 2009

Restaurant Waste Damaged Coral Reef

Coral reef revitalization project at Kelan Beach, Tuban, is facing obstacles. Damages to coral reef caused by domestic waste as well as hotels and restaurant disposed directly to the sea were found at several locations.? The situation was exposed by The Head of Office for Husbandry, Fishery, and Marine of Badung Regency, I Made Badra. However he confirmed that revitalization project of 12 hectares of coral reef at Kelan Beach to continue. Unfortunately level of damages caused by hotel and restaurant waste in certain locations came into serious extent that solution to restore them has not even elaborated. Damages caused by similar reasons were also found at Kuta Reef and Tuban Reef.

Badra said that the government of Badung Regency continuously intensify protection of the sea. At the moment protection of reef and water quality is conducted by related institutions between Tuban and Legian. “We continuously monitor water quality to measure level of pollution including in Legian area”, he said. Back to coral reef at Kelan Beach, Badra promised that physical implementation of the revitalization effort will start to become visible within the next one month.

At the moment the team is constructing media. Research on species to be planted is also in progress. The effort is expected to be expanded up to Legian area. “Revitalization area will be continuously expanded and in the future will be developed for marine tourism”, he added. “Management will be later on handed over to fishermen groups”.