Thursday, January 28, 2010

150 Indonesian Labor Candidates Fail to Work in New Zealand

There are 150 Indonesian labor candidates who loss billion of Rupiah due to the fraud case initiated by PT Bali International Gemilang (BIG). Among them, there are 24 labor candidates reported it to the Police – Poltabes Denpasar – and another group reported it to the Dit Reskrim Polda Bali.

Made Artawan, a delegation from those 24 labor candidates said that the fraud case has been reported to Poltabes Denpasar – Denpasar central police office – with the number of their report was LPB/1921/X/2009 on October 17th, 2009. “We are the second group that had deceived, the other half was reported it to Polda Bali – Bali Provincial Police –” he said on Monday (January 18).

Made Artawan who live on Lembu Sura Gang II/5 Denpasar said that they reported three leaders from PT BIG to the Poltabes Denpasar. They are the Managing Director Nengah Sukata, Executive Director Putu Suanaya and Director Nyoman Wirasusana.

In his explanation, they are all were 24 people registered at PT BIG to be placed at grape plantation company in New Zealand.

By the company they was asked paid Rp 30 million for their departure money and they should paid Rp 10 million for administration and notary and for the remaining number of money, according to them was dedicated for subsidy.

“But me and the rest of my friend still doubted it made us merely paid them Rp 5 million as well as for graduation and ID Card photo copy charge. We also had to pay Rp 700 thousand for passport,” said Made Artawan.

Whilst, we waiting for the departure time, the company suggested for the labor candidates followed English language training process for our work stability in New Zealand. However, when we keep waiting, none of us departed. The company off course claimed that the departure is still under process.

“We also been asked to undergone medical check-up for our VISA application, but we continuously visiting the office,” he said while confessed that BIG’s office keep moving, first it was at Jalan Kargo Permai then to Tunjung Sari and lastly it at Jalan Siulan Denpasar.

In 2009, according to Made Artawan there is a bright point they will departure soon. It is due to the PT BIG cooperation with PT. Oeska in Jakarta, led by Director Nunut Tri Admojo.

“Again, we asked for money, in total it was Rp 55 million. We asked to pay it for Rp 27.5 million and the remainder will subsidized by Puskopad,” as he continued to confess while being accompanied with his friends.

Finally, before went to New Zealand that should be on August 6, 2009 last year, we stayed at Hotel Grand Menteng, Jakarta. But unfortunately none of that companies members accompanied us, neither from PT. BIG nor from PT. Oeska.

“Then after we investigated it, the fact was PT Oeska only local labor distributor. On August 8th we were moved from Mess Koni Pusat duen to the plan of august 9th departure,” he said.

But, even on that date also we failed to depart under the reason that our VISA and Passport unfinished yet. In Jakarta, we still survived ever since PT. BIG Company promised us again that we will depart on August 13th.

“Because finally there was no any departure, we give the company 2 options, return to Bali or give us compensation. There were group of our friends who stayed in Bogor and we don’t know how their condition at there was,” he said.

When we arrived in Bali, they keep conducted meeting with the company to find their departure solution.

But it was imprinted that the company did not pay any attention at all and keep spend more and more of their time. Get bored with that treatment; finally, those 24 labor candidates reported it to the Poltabes Denpasar with total loss of Rp 1.4 billion.

Pahumas Poltabes Denpasar, Kompol Made Mundra when confirmed separately mentioned that until today they still does not received any report from reskrim poltabes investigator. “Not yet, I haven’t accepted any report yet, I’ll check it first then,” he confessed.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PLTG Gilimanuk Trouble Again; Rotating Black Out Haunted Once More

Rotating black out is haunted Bali once more. PLTG Gilimanuk who newly repaired on Thursday (January 7th) in fact having a problem once again. Commencing from Friday (January 22) and starting from 04.43 p.m. rotating black out happened again. Disturbance at PLTG Gilimanuk was admitted by the public relationship of PT PLN Bali distribution Agung Mastika. On that Friday, January 22nd the disturbance at PLTG Gilimanuk took place when temperature bearing of this PLTG suddenly raised. According to him, PLN did not dare to force operating the engine that recently repaired. “Since we afraid that it will overload then we decided to turn it off,” said Mastika on Sunday (January 24).

Mastika has not yet decided the cause of that sudden increase of temperature bearing. The blackout is intended to cooling down the machine. According to him, during the cooling period, PLN officers still looking for the source of problem. Thus, make Mastika still could not explained the reason behind PLTG problem.

“We still do not know the cause for now. We keep searching for it during this cooling down process,” he added.

As for PLTG Gilimanuk maintenance during the last two months had caused PLTG shut off 130 Megawatt of electrical supply in Bali. Means, the electrical capacity in Bali remained only 440 Megawatt only. Whether when it’s reached peak load could get to 490 Megawatt. According to him, when there was black out from PLTG Gilimanuk, electrical course in several points were extinguished. Mastika ascertain that almost all regencies/city in Bali undergone rotating black out from PLTG Gilimanuk. “We do not know about the percentage. But it is clear that every regencies/cities in Bali went through blackout,” as Mastika explained.

Mastika could not ascertain until when will this PLTG black out takes place. But he personally wish for after the recent black out happened, there will be no black out anymore in Bali. “We are very sorry for our costumers due to this inconformity and wish for the same thing would never happened again,” he confessed.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Bali Needs International Standard Transportation

Bali as an international destination needs to have international standard transportation system for the behalf of Bali tourism itself.

“As an international destination, we should have international standard transportation system to support Bali’s tourism world,” said the Head of Bali Transportation Service, Drs. I Made Santha in Denpasar on Monday

After the inauguration of structural official of echelon II in Bali Province Environment by Bali Governor, Made Mangku Pastika, he said that all this time, transportation system in Bali or Indonesia starting to get crowded. Furthermore, public transportation just could not develop well.

He said, the service toward their passengers also not professional makes lot of people tend to ride their private transportation rather than using public transportation.

“Number of vehicles continuo to get raise meanwhile the existence of public transportation get cornered. As for that problem, the traffic condition at highway becoming worse,” he said.

Santha, former officer of Bali Cultural Service said that some of develop countries have very good public transportation. Furthermore, that transportation system supports their tourism activity.

“The tourist will get easier to go to their aimed tourism object with the same tariff with the local people. Meanwhile in Bali, the people and the tourist could not enjoy that service,” he said.

He added that some problem on land transportation sector should rearrange immediately. Moreover, Bali that is an international tourism object, in the future need to give transportation service that is more comfortable and safe for the tourist and local citizen.

“I will take some study and gathering several data related to the Bali’s transportation condition, since this transportation problem could not considering as a new problem,” said Santha who began his carrier from Transportation Service.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dredged Rice-Field

Tens of rice-field at Subak Amping and Subak Uma Dewa located in Keramas Village, Blahbatuh Gianyar get damage due to the dredged activity. That productive rice-field area now becomes excavated area of dredging soil’ sale and purchase by an investor.

This case revealed on yesterday Friday (January 8th) in a meeting between subak people of Pekaseh, Perbekel and investor in District Head Office. This meeting led by the Head District, A.A. Suryadiputra by presenting relevant institution such as BLH, Dispenda, Badan Perizinan as well as Muspika Blahbatuh.

In that meeting, it revealed that the dredging activity on agricultural land had already long enough precisely since 1995. Now, the easier access through I.B. Mantra Street make nature exploitation becomes easier where it conducted in the course of productive agricultural land. Ironically, that dredging activity is charged retribution fee by Gianyar government. Whereas, that dredging activity did not has authorization from the regional government.

That dredging activity upon tens hectare rice-field is indeed already has authorization from its owner but they eventually could not see the impact of it in the future. Among them, there are farmer who piled up on the soil since beside their land has already dredged and feared could cause erosion when rice planting season come.


The investor who dredged the soil used excavator bought that land for Rp 300 thousands per 100 square meters. The farmer who merely has small income in the end contracted his land for dredging and gain more profit.

Quarrying worker, Wayan Balik Suarjana said that from the contract the owner has gain million of money. “Moreover, there are rice-field owners that has already taken their deposit and waiting for their land to be dredged,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the dredging process with eight meter depth without any buffer feared could trigger erosion. Looking for the dredging activity that will cause trouble only since they are not pays attention toward the environment. One of the citizens, IGA Putu Parsa, wished that related institution to watch that dredging activity. Pekaseh party who all along didn’t know about charging fee said the dredging activity had influence Subak activity. This, include irrigation channel, tax as well as regular charged.

In Friday morning meeting, Head District Suryadiputra suggested not to widening, expanded and deepened again for the time being.

The remaining dredged land still could be transported. Besides the investor also need to stop those contract transactions until there is an authorization toward that activity.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

3.1 Billion Teachers’ Professional Allowance Scattered

Indication considering teacher professional allowance in Bali gets scattered sticking to surface. Teachers’ conversation with their colleagues about the delayed allowance that should have receives in the end of 2009 from National Education Department was scattered. If it gathered all, at least there was 3.1 billion Rupiah of dispersed.

It reveals in several schools. NusaBali sources mentioned that some Junior High School and Vocational Secondary School teachers wandering for the remaining number of their allowance in the end of 2009 that is incomplete. Tens of teachers then complained to – the Head of Bali Educational, Youth and Sport Institution – Kadisdikpora Bali – due to the slaughtering of their allowance fund from the central government distributed through their account. Though it merely in a small number.

Admitted by the Kadisdikpora Bali, Wayan Suasta when confirmed on Tuesday (January, 12th) at his office that those teachers allowance is divided into two precisely twice a year, for the last second period in 2009 not all of them been distributed. “If we count the number per person, it is indeed was a small number to consider about, but if we count it whole amount with the number of teachers in Bali, it will be billion of money,” Suasta said.

5.426 Elementary Teachers receive professional allowance. In the end of 2009 they should have got Rp 139.087.472.000 but in fact they merely collected Rp 138.382.872.000, minus Rp 704.600.000 or for about Rp 129.856 per person.

Meanwhile for Junior High teachers, Vocational Secondary teachers and High School Teachers are 2.226 teachers, and all of their allowance get scattered too. The authentic amount was Rp 56.522.836.000 but the transfer rate was Rp 54.078.636.000 it lost Rp 2.444.200.000 or minus Rp 1.098.023 per person. “They wandering for it since it was their right. We had already sent a letter to the National Educational Department asking for that deficiency. If we count it per person, definitely it just a small number of money, but it was their right from the beginning, off course they get wandering where did it gone,” said Suasta. He also mentioned that those 7.652 teachers received their professional allowance from DIPA fund as it was in budgetary fund of 2009.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Boat Swept by the Big Wave; Fishermen Afraid to Sail

A boat belong to Desak Putu Astini (37) from Batununggul village of Nusa Penida was nowhere to be found. It was suspected that the boat tied ashore at Batununggul beach and get swept by the big wave subsequently it get dragged into the middle of the sea. Some people then tried to find the boat but there was nothing to be found. It result in Rp 8 million financial lost make her reported it to the Mapolsektif Nusa Penida – police office at Nusa Penida -

High wave and strong wind happened at the sea area of Nusa Penida recently not merely threatened people’s boats tied ashore but also endanger their safety who determined to sail.

“Last time we sailed was on Tuesday (January 12). At that day, the weather was unpredictable,” said one fisherman from Suana Nusa Penida, Wayan Suwita.

This fifteen years old fisherman confessed that it has already three days he did not sail whilst this is the season for kerapu fish. This kind of fish is expensive make the fishermen suffered quite big loss. Everyday in its season, the fishermen could catched 10 kilogram kerapu for Rp 35 thousand per kilogram.

“But its better than forced it but threatenign our life,” he said while mentioned that while the fishermen stopped sailing they rather choose to have holiday at Klungkung. In relation with the missing boat case, Kapolsektif Nusa Penida, AKP. Made Sudartawan on Friday (January 15) justified that he had recieve the report. That boat tied on Thursday (January 14) then when it checked the next day in the morning, the boat was gone. The police and local people or local fishermen tried to search for it but they found nothing.

“Perhaps the ship has dragged into the sea or it has drawn. This last three days the weather is in a bad condiiton. There is high wave and strong wind blow around Nusa Penida,” said kapolsek.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Moslem and Hindu for Petik Laut Jembrana

Generally, petik laut ceremony especially in jembrana is identical with Moslem atmosphere. But it get different petik laut ceremony at Candikusuma beach of Candikusuma village, Melaya Jembrana on Sunday (January, 10th). In that ceremony two different religions that is Islam and Hindu prayed together one by another in one place with varied of ceremonial tools.

The pray began by Islam religious leader that is followed by all of his people meanwhile for Hindu’s with their offering will get the last part. “This together praying is a prove that we valued highly the unity of religious community” said the Head of Communication Forum Between Religious Community of Melaya District, Nengah Suwenden.

Suwenden viewed petik laut ceremony and that together praying as the form of human loyalty toward God since what they enjoyed for today is belong to God only. Besides with this petik laut and together praying will showed our religious unity. “I wish for other villages will followed our lead in Candikusuma,” he hoped.
Meanwhile, Jembrana Regent, Gede Winasa in this event said that the source of the most natural disaster happened on this earth is due to the ecosystem exploitation in large scale without deep consideration toward its preservation. Thus, make this petik laut ceremony as well as together praying has strong relevance with ecosystem preservation effort especially in sea.

Winasa invite all people not to stop the ecosystem preservation at that petik laut ceremony only. This activity should become the inspiration for uniting our perspective and steps for all of the people lived at coast. “As well as our introspection time considering how far does our effort in maintaining the balance of nature around us,” he assessed.

Winasa also valued this petik laut ceremony as one effort to maintain our relationship with the nature so it will always be friend with the human. Protecting the sea is important since it contain lot of potential. It makes the sea could give welfare for all parties. “Be light not in the shining place,” he said. The chairman of organizing committee, Sutikno, confessed the important meaning with petik laut ceremony as an appreciation for every bless God given to human all along. This ceremony is part of the fishermen way’s in expressing their grateful to God and ask for protection against disaster. “Moreover, this petik laut in relation with together praying activity has close relationship with mutual respect in religious community,” added Sutikno.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Highways will Spend Rp 300 Billion

A project that will be a way out for traffic jam at Simpang Dewa Ruci (mazy) Kuta will be tilled soon. DPRD Bali estimation toward the project that has been pushed by the central government and has received green light by PHDI – Highest Hindu Council – is estimated spend Rp 300 billion. DPRD Bali remain have high expectation to the provincial government in tilled that project while manage the fund from the central.

The council think that there is no problem followed that project. “The provincial government should prepare themselves together with DPRD Bali in proposing the project into central so the fund from APBN – National Budgetary Expense – will fully focus onto this project. We estimated that it will cost Rp 300 billion until its finishing. If that fund still couldn’t make it than we have to share it perhaps from APBD Bali – Bali Budgetary Expense – and will be installed per year. With same share about 50:50 percent sharing,” said the head of commission III DPRD Bali, Putu Agus Suradnyana on Monday (January 4th). According to Agus Suradnyana the highways project planned built at Simpang Siur Kuta is part of infrastructure development that is not against the border of purity. Since merely in Simpang Siur that is not close with holy area. “Moreover the core of traffic jam is at Simpang Siur. It is due to the numbers of traffic lights and cause traffic jam. With this highway, the vehicles from Nusa Dua-Sanur could straightly going through without any obstacle. Now it’s the time for Public Labour to socialize it. Next week we will invite PU Bali to make everything clear concerning Bali Provincial Government steps toward this project.

Meanwhile for the Bali Provincial Government who still doubts that highways project at Simpang Siur projected will solve traffic jam problem at that area. The project supported by DPRD Bali as a reaction effort toward central government suggestion perhaps will going through long phase again. The provincial government confessed that after gained justification from PHDI and LSM peduli lingkungan – environmental care of People’s Social Institution – then DPRD could maintain it into project design. Kadis PU Bali, Sura Adnyana through Kabag Humas and Protocol Ketut Teneng separately said that if there is no justification and authorization from PHDI then provincial government would not be able precedes this project.

“We will socialize it first then ask PHDI for their recommendation. Concerns about consultation between the provincial governments with PHDI there is no problem at all. Including with Ida Pedanda Made Gunung,” said Teneng. According to him also, there is no presentation as well as study yet make we couldn’t proceed with design making.

“Every comment will be gathered. Whether from PHDI, DPR and people institution that devoted for environmental care,” assessed Teneng.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Three-Hour Rain for Under-Water Singaraja

Hard rain in Buleleng for three hours cause the city of Singaraja submerged. Several main roads and housing filled with water up into their house.

Most of people in Singaraja on Thursday (January 7th) panicked. The pouring rain caused several area submerged by flood whilst the people get hurried to save their property.

“The water had as high as adult waist and we had no preparation with this sudden flood, we save some properties that could be save first, including my children whom I left on guard to my parent-in law,” said Ketut Mertada (33 years old), the citizen of Kaliuntu village of Buleleng district.

From observation, the three-hour rain which caused uncontrollable surge of water.

High water volume happened in several important areas in Singaraja City such as East A. Yani Street, Anggrek Street, Nangka Street, Lely Street, Tasbih Street, Melur Street, Serunia Street and Kartini Street.

Meanwhile in West Singaraja, the flow of water also submerged west A.Yani Street due to the overflow from the rice-field’s water, which couldn’t able to hold the water.

Several trees in Singaraja city also collapse, as it happened at A. Yani Street precisely in front of SD – Elementary School – 1,2, and 5 of Banyusari.

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