Sunday, January 10, 2010

Highways will Spend Rp 300 Billion

A project that will be a way out for traffic jam at Simpang Dewa Ruci (mazy) Kuta will be tilled soon. DPRD Bali estimation toward the project that has been pushed by the central government and has received green light by PHDI – Highest Hindu Council – is estimated spend Rp 300 billion. DPRD Bali remain have high expectation to the provincial government in tilled that project while manage the fund from the central.

The council think that there is no problem followed that project. “The provincial government should prepare themselves together with DPRD Bali in proposing the project into central so the fund from APBN – National Budgetary Expense – will fully focus onto this project. We estimated that it will cost Rp 300 billion until its finishing. If that fund still couldn’t make it than we have to share it perhaps from APBD Bali – Bali Budgetary Expense – and will be installed per year. With same share about 50:50 percent sharing,” said the head of commission III DPRD Bali, Putu Agus Suradnyana on Monday (January 4th). According to Agus Suradnyana the highways project planned built at Simpang Siur Kuta is part of infrastructure development that is not against the border of purity. Since merely in Simpang Siur that is not close with holy area. “Moreover the core of traffic jam is at Simpang Siur. It is due to the numbers of traffic lights and cause traffic jam. With this highway, the vehicles from Nusa Dua-Sanur could straightly going through without any obstacle. Now it’s the time for Public Labour to socialize it. Next week we will invite PU Bali to make everything clear concerning Bali Provincial Government steps toward this project.

Meanwhile for the Bali Provincial Government who still doubts that highways project at Simpang Siur projected will solve traffic jam problem at that area. The project supported by DPRD Bali as a reaction effort toward central government suggestion perhaps will going through long phase again. The provincial government confessed that after gained justification from PHDI and LSM peduli lingkungan – environmental care of People’s Social Institution – then DPRD could maintain it into project design. Kadis PU Bali, Sura Adnyana through Kabag Humas and Protocol Ketut Teneng separately said that if there is no justification and authorization from PHDI then provincial government would not be able precedes this project.

“We will socialize it first then ask PHDI for their recommendation. Concerns about consultation between the provincial governments with PHDI there is no problem at all. Including with Ida Pedanda Made Gunung,” said Teneng. According to him also, there is no presentation as well as study yet make we couldn’t proceed with design making.

“Every comment will be gathered. Whether from PHDI, DPR and people institution that devoted for environmental care,” assessed Teneng.

News by Nusa Bali