Saturday, January 16, 2010

Boat Swept by the Big Wave; Fishermen Afraid to Sail

A boat belong to Desak Putu Astini (37) from Batununggul village of Nusa Penida was nowhere to be found. It was suspected that the boat tied ashore at Batununggul beach and get swept by the big wave subsequently it get dragged into the middle of the sea. Some people then tried to find the boat but there was nothing to be found. It result in Rp 8 million financial lost make her reported it to the Mapolsektif Nusa Penida – police office at Nusa Penida -

High wave and strong wind happened at the sea area of Nusa Penida recently not merely threatened people’s boats tied ashore but also endanger their safety who determined to sail.

“Last time we sailed was on Tuesday (January 12). At that day, the weather was unpredictable,” said one fisherman from Suana Nusa Penida, Wayan Suwita.

This fifteen years old fisherman confessed that it has already three days he did not sail whilst this is the season for kerapu fish. This kind of fish is expensive make the fishermen suffered quite big loss. Everyday in its season, the fishermen could catched 10 kilogram kerapu for Rp 35 thousand per kilogram.

“But its better than forced it but threatenign our life,” he said while mentioned that while the fishermen stopped sailing they rather choose to have holiday at Klungkung. In relation with the missing boat case, Kapolsektif Nusa Penida, AKP. Made Sudartawan on Friday (January 15) justified that he had recieve the report. That boat tied on Thursday (January 14) then when it checked the next day in the morning, the boat was gone. The police and local people or local fishermen tried to search for it but they found nothing.

“Perhaps the ship has dragged into the sea or it has drawn. This last three days the weather is in a bad condiiton. There is high wave and strong wind blow around Nusa Penida,” said kapolsek.

News by Bali Post