Friday, January 15, 2010

Moslem and Hindu for Petik Laut Jembrana

Generally, petik laut ceremony especially in jembrana is identical with Moslem atmosphere. But it get different petik laut ceremony at Candikusuma beach of Candikusuma village, Melaya Jembrana on Sunday (January, 10th). In that ceremony two different religions that is Islam and Hindu prayed together one by another in one place with varied of ceremonial tools.

The pray began by Islam religious leader that is followed by all of his people meanwhile for Hindu’s with their offering will get the last part. “This together praying is a prove that we valued highly the unity of religious community” said the Head of Communication Forum Between Religious Community of Melaya District, Nengah Suwenden.

Suwenden viewed petik laut ceremony and that together praying as the form of human loyalty toward God since what they enjoyed for today is belong to God only. Besides with this petik laut and together praying will showed our religious unity. “I wish for other villages will followed our lead in Candikusuma,” he hoped.
Meanwhile, Jembrana Regent, Gede Winasa in this event said that the source of the most natural disaster happened on this earth is due to the ecosystem exploitation in large scale without deep consideration toward its preservation. Thus, make this petik laut ceremony as well as together praying has strong relevance with ecosystem preservation effort especially in sea.

Winasa invite all people not to stop the ecosystem preservation at that petik laut ceremony only. This activity should become the inspiration for uniting our perspective and steps for all of the people lived at coast. “As well as our introspection time considering how far does our effort in maintaining the balance of nature around us,” he assessed.

Winasa also valued this petik laut ceremony as one effort to maintain our relationship with the nature so it will always be friend with the human. Protecting the sea is important since it contain lot of potential. It makes the sea could give welfare for all parties. “Be light not in the shining place,” he said. The chairman of organizing committee, Sutikno, confessed the important meaning with petik laut ceremony as an appreciation for every bless God given to human all along. This ceremony is part of the fishermen way’s in expressing their grateful to God and ask for protection against disaster. “Moreover, this petik laut in relation with together praying activity has close relationship with mutual respect in religious community,” added Sutikno.

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