Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dredged Rice-Field

Tens of rice-field at Subak Amping and Subak Uma Dewa located in Keramas Village, Blahbatuh Gianyar get damage due to the dredged activity. That productive rice-field area now becomes excavated area of dredging soil’ sale and purchase by an investor.

This case revealed on yesterday Friday (January 8th) in a meeting between subak people of Pekaseh, Perbekel and investor in District Head Office. This meeting led by the Head District, A.A. Suryadiputra by presenting relevant institution such as BLH, Dispenda, Badan Perizinan as well as Muspika Blahbatuh.

In that meeting, it revealed that the dredging activity on agricultural land had already long enough precisely since 1995. Now, the easier access through I.B. Mantra Street make nature exploitation becomes easier where it conducted in the course of productive agricultural land. Ironically, that dredging activity is charged retribution fee by Gianyar government. Whereas, that dredging activity did not has authorization from the regional government.

That dredging activity upon tens hectare rice-field is indeed already has authorization from its owner but they eventually could not see the impact of it in the future. Among them, there are farmer who piled up on the soil since beside their land has already dredged and feared could cause erosion when rice planting season come.


The investor who dredged the soil used excavator bought that land for Rp 300 thousands per 100 square meters. The farmer who merely has small income in the end contracted his land for dredging and gain more profit.

Quarrying worker, Wayan Balik Suarjana said that from the contract the owner has gain million of money. “Moreover, there are rice-field owners that has already taken their deposit and waiting for their land to be dredged,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the dredging process with eight meter depth without any buffer feared could trigger erosion. Looking for the dredging activity that will cause trouble only since they are not pays attention toward the environment. One of the citizens, IGA Putu Parsa, wished that related institution to watch that dredging activity. Pekaseh party who all along didn’t know about charging fee said the dredging activity had influence Subak activity. This, include irrigation channel, tax as well as regular charged.

In Friday morning meeting, Head District Suryadiputra suggested not to widening, expanded and deepened again for the time being.

The remaining dredged land still could be transported. Besides the investor also need to stop those contract transactions until there is an authorization toward that activity.

News by Bali Post