Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PLTG Gilimanuk Trouble Again; Rotating Black Out Haunted Once More

Rotating black out is haunted Bali once more. PLTG Gilimanuk who newly repaired on Thursday (January 7th) in fact having a problem once again. Commencing from Friday (January 22) and starting from 04.43 p.m. rotating black out happened again. Disturbance at PLTG Gilimanuk was admitted by the public relationship of PT PLN Bali distribution Agung Mastika. On that Friday, January 22nd the disturbance at PLTG Gilimanuk took place when temperature bearing of this PLTG suddenly raised. According to him, PLN did not dare to force operating the engine that recently repaired. “Since we afraid that it will overload then we decided to turn it off,” said Mastika on Sunday (January 24).

Mastika has not yet decided the cause of that sudden increase of temperature bearing. The blackout is intended to cooling down the machine. According to him, during the cooling period, PLN officers still looking for the source of problem. Thus, make Mastika still could not explained the reason behind PLTG problem.

“We still do not know the cause for now. We keep searching for it during this cooling down process,” he added.

As for PLTG Gilimanuk maintenance during the last two months had caused PLTG shut off 130 Megawatt of electrical supply in Bali. Means, the electrical capacity in Bali remained only 440 Megawatt only. Whether when it’s reached peak load could get to 490 Megawatt. According to him, when there was black out from PLTG Gilimanuk, electrical course in several points were extinguished. Mastika ascertain that almost all regencies/city in Bali undergone rotating black out from PLTG Gilimanuk. “We do not know about the percentage. But it is clear that every regencies/cities in Bali went through blackout,” as Mastika explained.

Mastika could not ascertain until when will this PLTG black out takes place. But he personally wish for after the recent black out happened, there will be no black out anymore in Bali. “We are very sorry for our costumers due to this inconformity and wish for the same thing would never happened again,” he confessed.

News by NusaBali