Thursday, January 28, 2010

150 Indonesian Labor Candidates Fail to Work in New Zealand

There are 150 Indonesian labor candidates who loss billion of Rupiah due to the fraud case initiated by PT Bali International Gemilang (BIG). Among them, there are 24 labor candidates reported it to the Police – Poltabes Denpasar – and another group reported it to the Dit Reskrim Polda Bali.

Made Artawan, a delegation from those 24 labor candidates said that the fraud case has been reported to Poltabes Denpasar – Denpasar central police office – with the number of their report was LPB/1921/X/2009 on October 17th, 2009. “We are the second group that had deceived, the other half was reported it to Polda Bali – Bali Provincial Police –” he said on Monday (January 18).

Made Artawan who live on Lembu Sura Gang II/5 Denpasar said that they reported three leaders from PT BIG to the Poltabes Denpasar. They are the Managing Director Nengah Sukata, Executive Director Putu Suanaya and Director Nyoman Wirasusana.

In his explanation, they are all were 24 people registered at PT BIG to be placed at grape plantation company in New Zealand.

By the company they was asked paid Rp 30 million for their departure money and they should paid Rp 10 million for administration and notary and for the remaining number of money, according to them was dedicated for subsidy.

“But me and the rest of my friend still doubted it made us merely paid them Rp 5 million as well as for graduation and ID Card photo copy charge. We also had to pay Rp 700 thousand for passport,” said Made Artawan.

Whilst, we waiting for the departure time, the company suggested for the labor candidates followed English language training process for our work stability in New Zealand. However, when we keep waiting, none of us departed. The company off course claimed that the departure is still under process.

“We also been asked to undergone medical check-up for our VISA application, but we continuously visiting the office,” he said while confessed that BIG’s office keep moving, first it was at Jalan Kargo Permai then to Tunjung Sari and lastly it at Jalan Siulan Denpasar.

In 2009, according to Made Artawan there is a bright point they will departure soon. It is due to the PT BIG cooperation with PT. Oeska in Jakarta, led by Director Nunut Tri Admojo.

“Again, we asked for money, in total it was Rp 55 million. We asked to pay it for Rp 27.5 million and the remainder will subsidized by Puskopad,” as he continued to confess while being accompanied with his friends.

Finally, before went to New Zealand that should be on August 6, 2009 last year, we stayed at Hotel Grand Menteng, Jakarta. But unfortunately none of that companies members accompanied us, neither from PT. BIG nor from PT. Oeska.

“Then after we investigated it, the fact was PT Oeska only local labor distributor. On August 8th we were moved from Mess Koni Pusat duen to the plan of august 9th departure,” he said.

But, even on that date also we failed to depart under the reason that our VISA and Passport unfinished yet. In Jakarta, we still survived ever since PT. BIG Company promised us again that we will depart on August 13th.

“Because finally there was no any departure, we give the company 2 options, return to Bali or give us compensation. There were group of our friends who stayed in Bogor and we don’t know how their condition at there was,” he said.

When we arrived in Bali, they keep conducted meeting with the company to find their departure solution.

But it was imprinted that the company did not pay any attention at all and keep spend more and more of their time. Get bored with that treatment; finally, those 24 labor candidates reported it to the Poltabes Denpasar with total loss of Rp 1.4 billion.

Pahumas Poltabes Denpasar, Kompol Made Mundra when confirmed separately mentioned that until today they still does not received any report from reskrim poltabes investigator. “Not yet, I haven’t accepted any report yet, I’ll check it first then,” he confessed.

News by Berita Bali