Friday, January 22, 2010

Bali Needs International Standard Transportation

Bali as an international destination needs to have international standard transportation system for the behalf of Bali tourism itself.

“As an international destination, we should have international standard transportation system to support Bali’s tourism world,” said the Head of Bali Transportation Service, Drs. I Made Santha in Denpasar on Monday

After the inauguration of structural official of echelon II in Bali Province Environment by Bali Governor, Made Mangku Pastika, he said that all this time, transportation system in Bali or Indonesia starting to get crowded. Furthermore, public transportation just could not develop well.

He said, the service toward their passengers also not professional makes lot of people tend to ride their private transportation rather than using public transportation.

“Number of vehicles continuo to get raise meanwhile the existence of public transportation get cornered. As for that problem, the traffic condition at highway becoming worse,” he said.

Santha, former officer of Bali Cultural Service said that some of develop countries have very good public transportation. Furthermore, that transportation system supports their tourism activity.

“The tourist will get easier to go to their aimed tourism object with the same tariff with the local people. Meanwhile in Bali, the people and the tourist could not enjoy that service,” he said.

He added that some problem on land transportation sector should rearrange immediately. Moreover, Bali that is an international tourism object, in the future need to give transportation service that is more comfortable and safe for the tourist and local citizen.

“I will take some study and gathering several data related to the Bali’s transportation condition, since this transportation problem could not considering as a new problem,” said Santha who began his carrier from Transportation Service.

News by Antara Bali