Monday, January 18, 2010

3.1 Billion Teachers’ Professional Allowance Scattered

Indication considering teacher professional allowance in Bali gets scattered sticking to surface. Teachers’ conversation with their colleagues about the delayed allowance that should have receives in the end of 2009 from National Education Department was scattered. If it gathered all, at least there was 3.1 billion Rupiah of dispersed.

It reveals in several schools. NusaBali sources mentioned that some Junior High School and Vocational Secondary School teachers wandering for the remaining number of their allowance in the end of 2009 that is incomplete. Tens of teachers then complained to – the Head of Bali Educational, Youth and Sport Institution – Kadisdikpora Bali – due to the slaughtering of their allowance fund from the central government distributed through their account. Though it merely in a small number.

Admitted by the Kadisdikpora Bali, Wayan Suasta when confirmed on Tuesday (January, 12th) at his office that those teachers allowance is divided into two precisely twice a year, for the last second period in 2009 not all of them been distributed. “If we count the number per person, it is indeed was a small number to consider about, but if we count it whole amount with the number of teachers in Bali, it will be billion of money,” Suasta said.

5.426 Elementary Teachers receive professional allowance. In the end of 2009 they should have got Rp 139.087.472.000 but in fact they merely collected Rp 138.382.872.000, minus Rp 704.600.000 or for about Rp 129.856 per person.

Meanwhile for Junior High teachers, Vocational Secondary teachers and High School Teachers are 2.226 teachers, and all of their allowance get scattered too. The authentic amount was Rp 56.522.836.000 but the transfer rate was Rp 54.078.636.000 it lost Rp 2.444.200.000 or minus Rp 1.098.023 per person. “They wandering for it since it was their right. We had already sent a letter to the National Educational Department asking for that deficiency. If we count it per person, definitely it just a small number of money, but it was their right from the beginning, off course they get wandering where did it gone,” said Suasta. He also mentioned that those 7.652 teachers received their professional allowance from DIPA fund as it was in budgetary fund of 2009.

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