Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bali Safari Selling 25 Craftsmen Products

Bali Safari & Marine Park in Gianyar regency selling for woven bag, carved, sculpture, woven fabric, silver and Balinese woven fabric as the products of 25 craftsmen.

“We give a chance for UMKM in Gianyar selling their products. This program also cooperate with Industrial and Trading Affair of Gianyar Government,” said the manager for marketing and communication “Bali Safari and Marine Park”, Astrid W. Iswulandari, in Gianyar, Tuesday.

She propose that for the last three years, Bali Safari locate at Jl. By Pass Ida Bagus Mantra and become the holiday destination for foreign as well as local tourist trying it’s best in giving better appreciation toward every effort conducted by Gianyar people.

“Superior product produced by those craftsmen, we help them to sell it in bale banjar area of Bali Safari. The superior products sell in term of souvenir or Balinese gift. The price around IDR 20.000 up to the expensive ones,” she said.

According to her, the products are those with export quality. Besides in order to develop and open better business opportunities for local craftsmen, this training also aim for the people to introduce Gianyar as one of the craft center in Bali.

Meanwhile, head of Industrial and Trading Affair, Wayan Sumba, says the entrepreneur position watching over local craftsmen is part of good synergy between the government, BUMN – Government-Owned Enterprise – and Entrepreneur toward the development of UMKM.

“We hoped for what had been done by Bali Safari could become quite an example for other entrepreneurs to keep conduct training for craftmen,” he said.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Intensify Bali Cattle Development

Bali Husbandry Agency intensifying cattle development through spawn cow for the group of cattle farmers.

“This year we assisted 760 spawn cows for 38 integrated farmers,” said the head of Husbandry Agency for Bali Province, Putu Sumnatra, Denpasar, Monday.

Through spawn cows delivering when the mating season come hope it could fastening population escalation as well as fulfilling market demand.

“Cattle development have bright prospect as interisland trade especially to fulfill consumer needs around Jakarta,” he said.

According to Sumantra each group received 20 cows with a hope that they could breed and fulfill the need for spawn cows in eight regencies and one capitol city in Bali.

Those spawn cows assistance also followed by byre development as well as cow dung waste processing in order to reuse it as environmentally friendly fertilizer.

Each group of those integrated farmer also assisted with one biogas unit to process the waste into energy utilized either for cooking or lighting purpose.

Putu Sumantra added that through the support from Bali provincial budgetary and fund for 2010 besides could arrange for spawn cows, it also directed for the deployment of 88 goats of superior type.

Those goats assistance is given to two group, each with 44 goats.

Putu Sumantra explained that the development pattern for that integrated agriculture development will be developed by related institutions prioritize more villages with more than 35 percent poor people.

Bali still has 40 unit integrated agriculture pattern spread in eight regencies and one city.

The integrated agriculture development developed by Bali Governor, Made Mangku Pastika and his Vice Governor, AAN Puspayoga as an effort to raise farmer income and prosperity.

That pattern had been poured into a project in 2009 on to ten locations with fund support around two billion Rupiah in other word each location with two hundred million Rupiah.

With the existence of that project, the activity developed in 2010 hope would not face any meaningful obstacle and problems.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bali Threatened Lost 12.000 Japanese Tourists

Bankruptcy that befalls Japan Airlines (JAL) will certainly affect Bali. One of them is the closure of JAL direct flight from Japan to Bali and vice verse.

“JAL will close their Bali-Japan flight starting from October 1st 2010. With this closure, Bali will lose 400 Japanese tourists per day,” said GM Angkasa Pura I co. of Ngurah Rai airport, Heru Legowo, Monday (May 10th).

He added that for all along JAL brought 400 passengers per day or 12.000 per month. This closure also affected Ngurah Rai income.

But, what they most concerned about is the impact toward Bali tourism industry.

All this time Japan is considered large market for Bali tourism industry seen from its tourists as well as handicraft products export.

It is estimated that the closure of flight path and JAL bankruptcy also part of global economic recession.

Although, Heru confident that the flight path would not changes the foreign tourists interest to visit Bali as their favorite destination.

“Starting from June 2010 there are some airways planned to add their number of flight to Bali,” he said.

He said that most of those airways added their schedule for Bali-Australia route.

Two airways certainly would added their flight schedule are AirAsia and Strategic Airlines. Both of them would add one flight from Denpasar to Perth.

With this increasing, Strategic Airlines will have three times flight per week.

There will also daily flight from Denpasar to Darwin starting in September 2010 operated by Pacific Blue. Before, there is an Australian airway with four times a week flight.

December 2010 Cebu Airlines will open new route Denpasar-Manila with three times per week flight.

In the beginning of 2011, Vietnam Airlines will open new flight Denpasar – Ho Chi Min as for three times flight per week.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

People in Bali Used Their Suffrage

The people in five regencies/city in Bali on Tuesday morning used their traditional custom went in throng delivering their aspiration at their respective voting sites in relation with regional head election.

That head of regency election held in Karangasem, Bangli, Badung, Tabanan Regency as well as in Denpasar City.

The people delivering their aspiration to choose their region head used Balinese traditional custom meanwhile those who are not Hindu adjust.

Head of Komisi Pemilihan Umum (KPU) Bali – General Election Commission of Bali – Lanang Perbawa hope for all people who have suffrage on those five regencies/city to come to the election sites and choose their leader.

For the people who received summon letter but had already listed hoped could come to the election site to vote.

The vote held up to 01.00 p.m. before the committee proceeds to counting the votes.

“All committee should count the votes starting from 01.00 local time,” Lanang Perbawa said.

He reminds, even though before 01.00 most of the people had come to vote the committee should remain to wait until the exact time to anticipating the probability of one or two people who late.

That becomes the emphasize considering the teachers who watched for Elementary Schools’ National Exam still doing their job until 10.00 a.m.

That is why, he said, it needs anticipation whilst waiting for at the vote sites up to 01.00 p.m. All steps in this regional head election hoped could run smoothly and in a conducive atmosphere.

Due to this election also, all offices are in holiday. That holiday is only for government institution in five regencies/city held for the election whilst for the remaining four regencies keep giving the appropriate services.

According to Head of Publication and Documentation at Public Relationship and Protocol Bureau of Bali province, the decision to determine Regional Head General Election as a holiday is genuinely to give those employees time delivering their aspiration as well as trying to make this democracy party into success.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ASEAN Failed Agreed on Extradition Treaty

An ASEAN Senior Official Meeting of Law Department in Nusa Dua Bali failed to agree on treaty existence or an agreement for extradition between countries in South East Asia. That extradition proposal which proposed by Indonesia, only supported by Malaysia and Thailand. Head of the meeting, Ahmad M. Ramli confessed that most of the ASEAN member rejected the existence of extradition agreement and tend to choose the extradition orientation which shall not binding. Read more about Asean Extradition Treaty here.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Multi Business Targeting Bypass Mantra

Jalan Bypass Prof. Dr. I.B. Mantra especially from Ketewel Village-Lebih Village Gianyar now becomes the multi products business center. It affect, one of them, is the local land price soured doubled since 2004 and that area known as the golden lane of Gianyar now threatened to be chaotic.

Information from Nusa Bali in that area on Friday (April 30), the land price at bypass roadside now around Rp 130 million to Rp 150 million per acre. As far as the land buyer bravely offers up to Rp 200 million per acre. Before, when bypass was not penetrating Gianyar yet around 1998 it only sold for Rp 10 million per acre. Some businessmen from Denpasar, Badung and many other started targeting the area as it is followed by land broker roaming the area.

Pekaseh Subak Betuas, Keramas Village Gianyar, I Nyoman Soma Wirawan S. Sos., said that bypass existence make South Gianyar up to South Klungkung rapidly evolving. This condition due to Denpasar condition that overly crowded makes the only on Denpasar development directed to the east. Soma tolerating the effect of that development, such as land price rising. This is because of the area suits for multi business development for goods and services.

NusaBali observation toward toward varied business built in this area, among them are building material shop, service, concrete factory, fruit juice beverage package factory, shopping centre, café and more.

Gianyar Vice Regent, Dewa Made Sutanaya suspected land price rising tend to shake land owners’ mind to sell their land in spite of rent it.

“But that suggestion could not persuade that people since they had tempted by the land high price. It is indeed such a dilemma,” he said.

His party added, another affect from that area development is a dilemma maintaining the area as a holy area, according to RTRW Bali province that is a system tends to profane economic development. “Those two things are contrasting each other so we need to coordinated it with Bali Provincial Government. It kind of pity if economic potential such as beach is not developed,” he said.

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