Monday, May 3, 2010

Multi Business Targeting Bypass Mantra

Jalan Bypass Prof. Dr. I.B. Mantra especially from Ketewel Village-Lebih Village Gianyar now becomes the multi products business center. It affect, one of them, is the local land price soured doubled since 2004 and that area known as the golden lane of Gianyar now threatened to be chaotic.

Information from Nusa Bali in that area on Friday (April 30), the land price at bypass roadside now around Rp 130 million to Rp 150 million per acre. As far as the land buyer bravely offers up to Rp 200 million per acre. Before, when bypass was not penetrating Gianyar yet around 1998 it only sold for Rp 10 million per acre. Some businessmen from Denpasar, Badung and many other started targeting the area as it is followed by land broker roaming the area.

Pekaseh Subak Betuas, Keramas Village Gianyar, I Nyoman Soma Wirawan S. Sos., said that bypass existence make South Gianyar up to South Klungkung rapidly evolving. This condition due to Denpasar condition that overly crowded makes the only on Denpasar development directed to the east. Soma tolerating the effect of that development, such as land price rising. This is because of the area suits for multi business development for goods and services.

NusaBali observation toward toward varied business built in this area, among them are building material shop, service, concrete factory, fruit juice beverage package factory, shopping centre, café and more.

Gianyar Vice Regent, Dewa Made Sutanaya suspected land price rising tend to shake land owners’ mind to sell their land in spite of rent it.

“But that suggestion could not persuade that people since they had tempted by the land high price. It is indeed such a dilemma,” he said.

His party added, another affect from that area development is a dilemma maintaining the area as a holy area, according to RTRW Bali province that is a system tends to profane economic development. “Those two things are contrasting each other so we need to coordinated it with Bali Provincial Government. It kind of pity if economic potential such as beach is not developed,” he said.

News by NusaBali