Saturday, May 15, 2010

Intensify Bali Cattle Development

Bali Husbandry Agency intensifying cattle development through spawn cow for the group of cattle farmers.

“This year we assisted 760 spawn cows for 38 integrated farmers,” said the head of Husbandry Agency for Bali Province, Putu Sumnatra, Denpasar, Monday.

Through spawn cows delivering when the mating season come hope it could fastening population escalation as well as fulfilling market demand.

“Cattle development have bright prospect as interisland trade especially to fulfill consumer needs around Jakarta,” he said.

According to Sumantra each group received 20 cows with a hope that they could breed and fulfill the need for spawn cows in eight regencies and one capitol city in Bali.

Those spawn cows assistance also followed by byre development as well as cow dung waste processing in order to reuse it as environmentally friendly fertilizer.

Each group of those integrated farmer also assisted with one biogas unit to process the waste into energy utilized either for cooking or lighting purpose.

Putu Sumantra added that through the support from Bali provincial budgetary and fund for 2010 besides could arrange for spawn cows, it also directed for the deployment of 88 goats of superior type.

Those goats assistance is given to two group, each with 44 goats.

Putu Sumantra explained that the development pattern for that integrated agriculture development will be developed by related institutions prioritize more villages with more than 35 percent poor people.

Bali still has 40 unit integrated agriculture pattern spread in eight regencies and one city.

The integrated agriculture development developed by Bali Governor, Made Mangku Pastika and his Vice Governor, AAN Puspayoga as an effort to raise farmer income and prosperity.

That pattern had been poured into a project in 2009 on to ten locations with fund support around two billion Rupiah in other word each location with two hundred million Rupiah.

With the existence of that project, the activity developed in 2010 hope would not face any meaningful obstacle and problems.

News by Antara Bali