Friday, August 14, 2009

Entrepreneurs have to Keep Up with Technology

To survive and win global competition, entrepreneurs have to keep themselves up with growth of science and technology, especially related to improving human resources. Bali Governor expressed the opinion in his addressing speech at the regional assembly of Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) Bali Chapter. The speech was read out by Deputy Governor A.A. Puspayoga.

Reliable human resource and professionalism in implementing strategic tactics as well as entrepreneurship of each and every Hipmi's members has to be actualized. The vision and mission of Hipmi Bali to serve as a gateway for new and young entrepreneurs in supporting national economy as well as to survive global competition should not be left as an idea, but to be implemented according to gradual plan.

There are six essential elements to be fully mastered to cope with global competition including wide knowledge, ability to analyze situation and choose the right strategic position, flexible, sensitive, and transparent.

Chairman of Hipmi Bali, Nyoman Seniweca said that the government's role especially in regulating business climate is essential. At the moment, business success is rarely coming as a result of government involvement in strengthening national economic structure. “Especially as at the moment job opportunities are very limited and number of unemployment is continuously soaring up”, he said.

Failure of the government to design a strategy to improve the situation, new entrepreneurs who started their business from informal state will not have opportunity to grow for lack of capital and access to both market and financial institutions. “As entrepreneurs the will end up struggling to survive and fail to make contribution to strengthening regional economy”, he said.