Monday, July 27, 2009

Authority Followed Up Contamination of Petitenget Estuary

As reported earlier, estuary located close to Petitenget has been heavily violated. Local residents believed that certain restaurants located in the area have disposed their waste directly to the river. Click here for previous report about this issue.

Badung Environment Agency (BLH Badung) and Administrative Police (Satpol PP Badung) have sealed waste gate of La Luciola Restaurant and Villa Samaya Seminyak as those waste gate were suspected to drain waste directly to the estuary.

Both government agencies led by the commander of Satpol PP Badung, Wayan Adi Arnawa came to the location for inspection after local residents complained about pollution of Petitenget estuary. During the inspection, the team found La Luciola Restaurant and Villa Samaya have waste drainage directly going to the estuary.

Operators tried to defend themselves by saying that the waste gate were not intended to dispose hazzardous waste. Representative of Villa Samaya management, IGN Wahyudi admitted that the waste gate was intended to dispose waste for their restaurant, however he deffended that the disposed material was not hazzardous. For hazzardous waste Villa Samaya has its own waste processing installation.

Meanwhile management of La Luciola restaurant, Deddy, refused that the drainage was used to dispose waste. He deffended by saying that the drainage was used only to direct rain water.

However the team ignored their excuse, especially as they found that the waste gates were flowing yellow colored waste. Adi Arnawa immediately instructed to seal those waste gates with cement. Both businesses were also warned to stop disposing their waste into the estuary. “It is a preliminary action. If they remain in ignorance, a more strict action will be enforced”, Arnawa threated.