Thursday, July 16, 2009

Violation by Five-Star Hotel in East Bali

Another occurance of violation by five star hotel development in East Bali has just taken place. A five star hotel located at the district of Kubu, Karangasem, has been operating for one month without holding permits. With regard to presence of the mentioned hotel, the Regent of Karangasem, Wayan Geredeg admitted that the issue has been up to his attention. “It is a pity that local residents in the area have never reported presence of a violating hotel in the area, they tried to hide it instead”, Regent Geredeg said.

Furthermore he exposed that he has warned the German investor as well as the local partner involved in the business. To the question whether the hotel will be stopped and even demolished, Regent Geredeg said “We have warned them, and it seems like that the Provincial Governor of Bali has done the same”. Unfortunately he refused to inform any plan for further actions.

Presence of the hotel which violated the zoning plan of Tulamben tourism area hs actually reported by local residents when the regent paid a visit to Kubu to expose his development program. In response to the report, the administrative police (Satpol PP) of Karangasem has visited the hotel to meet the investor about three weeks ago. However they left the hotel after a while and there has been no legal enforcement attempt conducted ever since.

An employee who has been worked for the hotel since April 1st 2009 told the press that there are 80 locals and 6 expatriates working at the hotel. He further explained that the hotel does not have any paperworks except a pricipal approval from the national bureau investment coordination (BKPM). More than having no permits, the hotel also violates beach setback regulation as its building reaches the beachline. To protect itself from tidal wave the hotel built concrete cribs along the shoreline.