Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tiding Net, Two Tons Whale Shark been Trapped

Musahibin (33) never expected that his net he tided with his friends would catch two tons whale shark. Eight meters in length whale was trapped by the net of Pebuahan villagers, Banyubiru, Negara when tided in the water closed to his house.

When met on Friday (October 9th) Musahibin said that the beginning of this whale been trapped when he pull the net of one of his group, Sulaiman Daimi.

”At the beginning I thought that whale was a ray’s wheel,” he said. He predicted the whale been caught in radius 400 meters from the cost. “I only used ferny net, so it I’m not able to catch the fish far till the center of the sea,” he explained.

After been caught, that whale went berserk until his left foot got hurt strike by the fin of that whale. “His skin feels so rough,” he said.

Don’t want to take any risk and in order to save his net, Musahibin together with his companion perforce to hurt that whale with blade onto his head.

Musahibin confessed that someone had bought that whale shark for fifteen million Rupiah. While waiting for the buyer from Yeh Kuning, I tied the whale or now,” he said. That discovery constantly attracted people’s attention. They in throngs saw that ancient finding.

News by Berita Bali