Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Winasa is targeted as the Suspect

Jembrana Regent Prof. drg. I Gede Winasa fulfilled the call from Satuan Tidak Pidana Korupsi Polda Bali –Bali Regional Police Squad of Criminal Action for Corruption-, Friday (25/9) for second investigation related to the project of organic trash manufacture machine (compost factory) in Kaliakah village, Kota Negara district.

Even though still investigate as the witness; it is possible for Regent Winasa to be established as the suspected after other suspects.

Regent Winasa came to Regional Police Station, at WR Supratman Street Denpasar, Friday in the afternoon at 13.30 Wita –Middle Indonesian Time- late for 5.6 hours from the original schedule at 10.00 Wita –Middle Indonesian Time- because the schedule was collided with the task of official duty as the head of Region. Winasa came without any assistance from his lawyer instead he was accompanied by his First Assistance Regency Territory Secretary who also act as his Law Expert Staff.

After arrived at Bali Regional Police Station, Winasa immediately went through investigation for about 2.5 hours, starting from 13.30 Wita until 16.00 Wita. After being investigate, he said little comment to the press “Off course, as a good citizen, I have an obligation to fulfill a call from police,” he said bout his investigation.

But when he was asked about the amount of question asked by the investigator of Bali Regional Police, Regent with several amounts of Muri Award (Record Museum of Indonesia) admitted that he wasn’t remember. Winasa also confess that he did not remember about the material of investigator questions. “I forgotten the detail of those questions,” said the husband of Banyuwangi Regent Ratna Ani Lestari vaguely while he entered his car at once to catch his flight to Surabaya at Ngurah Rai International Airport Tuban, for some business in the City of Heroes.

This is for the second time Winasa investigated as a witness in corruption assumption case of compost factory project at Kaliakah village. The first investigation was conducted on June 10, 2009. at that time Winasa was asked for 70 questions and investigated for seven hours starting from 16.30 Wita until 23.35 Wita. Whereas, the Head of Tipikor Polda Bali -Bali Regional Police Squad of Criminal Action for Corruption- AKBP Nengah Bardin stated that Winasa was investigated as a witness related to the file sharpening purpose of the eight Suspects in supposition case corruption of compost factory project.

Related to that investigation, Winasa, according to Nengah Bardin, his party prepared five questions. Those five questions is the sharpener from the last investigation, that is about machine purchasing documents and the document before transaction existed. Besides, that investigation also conducted to complete P-19 suspected one of Nyoman Suryadi as the Head of Public Work and Live Area of Jembrana. Under the direction of Public Prosecutor, the police was asked to conduct another investigation toward Winasa.

“That’s why we called Mr. Winasa again, could he explained the against the law elements performed by Nyoman Suryadi or not,” explained Nengah Barding after the investigation session over at Bali Regional Police Sation, Friday evening.

Nengah Bardin also said that his party in addition asked about the existence of documents like notes, present list in meeting preparation started from its planning until the purchasing of trash processing machine into compost. That officer said that his party found several deviations in that compost factory case. “According to the investigation and audit BPKP –Money and Establishment Surveillance Department- found country’s detriment for about 2.3 billion Rupiah. Beside that there was also fictive contract,” he explained.

Nengah Bardin also leaked out in that agreement with the Japanese –who conduct the project- in the document seem that the project was conducted by CV Puri Bening Jembrana while in fact that CV had nothing to do with that project.

That document, he said, was used to liquefy the fund. According to Nengah Barding, country’s detriment from APBD –Region Budgetary and Income- of Jembarana starting from 2006 to 2008 reach 2.3 billion Rupiah. Thus made Winasa called again as the witness in this case. That doesn’t mean also that he can get free from the law. Since the police had already targeting him as the suspect.
Nengah Bardin emphasized that to catch Winasa as a suspect, his party still waiting for the others eight suspects. “If their file already in P21, we can start sharpening our investigation with Mr. Winasa.” The next investigation can be lead into another stage.

Corruption Supposition case of compost factory seized eight suspects. Four of them has been expropriated into the high attorney of Bali on June 2009, they are I Gusti Ketut Muliartha (Jembrana Regency Company), I Nyoman Gde Saguna (the leader of Jembrana Public Work and Live Area activity), I Nyoman Suryadi (Head of PU and LH official), also I gde Putu Wardana (official of Foreign Affair Department of Jembrana).

While the other four suspects, I Gede Suadnyana (Jembrana Regency Government Staff), I Putu Dian Damayana (Head Department of Jembrana Regency Company Monetary), and Kazuyuki Tzurumi (Japanese citizen who supplied the compost factory machine). While in his letter, Winasa is signed as the witness or suspect. According to Nengah Bardin, files of four suspects are close to P-19, except for the four suspects whose file has been delivered to the high attorney.

“The problem is, those machines are random ensemble machine, so will be hard to decide the exact price. Moreover, there is no same machine that can be use as comparison,” said Nengah Bardin.

News by Nusa Bali