Monday, October 19, 2009

Fowl Smuggling Change Strategy

Galungan day is targeted by fowl smugglers by getting through Gilimanuk Port. Since on that Hindu’s day the fowl necessity is increasing drastically which causing price rising. In order to achieve bigger profit those fowl smugglers change their strategy.

From the information that has been gathered, after their action smuggling the fowls by entrust it into the commodities cars or hidden it in bus baggage is continuously bared, the smugglers change their strategy.

Fowl smuggling is not conducted in one time smuggling but it is divided and packed in sack where each sack contains 20-25 fowls to prevent from discovering.

After downward from the ship, the smugglers chartered a motorcycle rider to carry the fowls one by one out of the port.

Furthermore, those sacks are collected in a safe place to be transported into certain destination place.

The guarantor of KPT Wilker Gilimanuk, Drh. I Ketut Sonen, under the authorization of head of Farming Quarantine Organization Class I Denpasar, I Ketut Diarmita when confirmed on Wednesday (7/10) said that to anticipate fowl smuggling his party will keep involved related institutes, especially KP3 Gilimanuk Sea by improving inspection for all vehicles entering Bali.

”Information enounced about the smuggled fowls was got away used motorcycle riders will be handled with more intensive surveillance. If that information was true, we will process it,” he said.

Besides, Sonen also ask people cooperation to protect Bali from bird flu with giving some information if they saw fowls smuggling through Gilimanuk Port.

Related to the increasing of fowl necessity when Galungan, Sonen keep asserted since that fowls is classified as forbidden animal entering Bali according to Governor Regulation Number 44 years 2005, Bill Number 16 years 1992 and Government Regulation Number 82 years 2000, make his party cannot give any tolerance.

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