Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It’s The Boy Now Who Got Drawn

After Anang Saipul Hadi (23) Lingkungan Dauh Waru citizen in Jembrana died dragged by the flow when took bath at Dangin Berawah Beach, Perancak, Jembrana, now its turn to be the five years old boy get dragged died. Mohamad Rifki Hamdani lived in Dusun Pangkung Wani, RT 01, Yeh Sumbul village, Mendoyo died tragically after dragged by the flow of the river closed to his house that is usually used by people around there to take a bath.

From the information so far, on Tuesday (October 20), tragedy happened to this kindergarten student began when he came from school, Rifki asked by his mother to play.

At first, Rifki played closed to his mother. But since his mother fully concentrates on doing her own activity make she loosens her surveillance. Near dawn, she realized that his child was nowhere to be seen.

Panic and confused, she decided to walk along the river to find her child. But that was useless made she thought that her child got drawn.

That curiosity is proven to be right when Rifki founded he had already a corpse. This instantly made her mother shocked as reported by local citizen to the sector police office in Mendoyo.

That police reacted toward that report and immediately went to the location of that incident. The investigation is led by Mendoyo Head of Sector Police Office, Iptu Moh. Tahir. Moh Tahir under the authorization of Police Main Base in Jembrana, AKBP Ketut Suardana when confirmed on Tuesday (October 20th) justified that accident. “The victim is in fact died drawn,” he said.

News by Berita Bali