Monday, October 19, 2009

Local Activity to Attract Visitor

In order to attract the domestic and non-domestic visitors to visit Lovina tourism object, some of tourism agents together with the Kaliasem village’s fishermen of Banjar District held Lovina Sail Boat Race 2009.

For about 27 sampans on Sunday (October 18th) participated in this Lovina Sail Boat 2009 championship at Spice Dive Lovina Beach in Kaliasem village Banjar district. The event that is held every year besides dedicated for fun but also become attracting event for tourism in Lovina.

”This activity is part of having fun activity, conducted in celebrating the Independent Day of Indonesia but the development of that event is welcoming by people in Buleleng and some sponsor in tourism industry, it can be seen from the people foreign tourist enthusiasm, makes this event continuously developed,” said the head of Kaliase Village, Ketut Widana.

In this third local championship, the participants are not from Kaliasem village only but there are outsiders who merely want to participate in this championship.

”There are 27 participants from Kaliasem village, there is also participant from Sangsit village of Sawan district and also from Kampung Bugis village of Buleleng district,” said the Head of the committee LSBR 2009, Bachrudin.

That activity evidently received nice response from the visitors; they were totally enjoyed people’s activity.

”Moreover on yesterday when we conduct some experiment, the visitor had already interested. There were people who rent one hundred thousand for one hour surround the edge of the beach. The boat was unique, small but aggressive,” said Iim Dive Shop businessman in Lovina.

In Lovina Sail Boat Race 2009 championship, the participant sailing through 1.5 km length starting from Spice Dive Beach then to the west –Gusung Sea Park- then to the east of Tanjung Sea Park and back to Spice Dive Beach.

News by Berita Bali