Thursday, February 18, 2010

Java-Bali Illegal Travel

Illegal travel business serve in and out of Bali Island through Gilimanuk Port get increase. To deceive the officer, this travels usually arrive or leave Bali at night.

According to the information gathered by Bali Post on Monday (February 15) yesterday, private cars of minibus typed able to carry seven to nine passengers are frequently operate lately. With black plates, they serve Surabaya and Malang destination, up to Middle Java.

There were control operations before conducted by Transportation Agency and Jembrana provincial government. “Lately, that operation becomes dimmer. Several legal bus management companies and legal travels who feels disadvantage ask for related institution operation constantly,” said one of the officers at Gilimanuk. According to him, these legal bus and travel companies that disadvantage the most. Usually, that illegal travel operates while using L300 with DK’s plat number to deceive the officers.

Their target is domestic tourists as well as settlers who want to go into Bali. The price is slightly cheaper than what offered by a legal travel, but their existence is a troubling ones since they have no accident insurance in case of an accident happen.

“When they get back into Java, they will bring other passengers and it usually was their constant costumers,” said one of the night bus management. Moreover, Provincial Transportation Agency was heavily amid record travels and taxi fleet nowadays. To tighten the operation then it should be conducted too along Denpasar-Gilimanuk Street.

“Not merely in Gilimanuk, if it is needed then along Denpasar-Gilimanuk too will have its operation,” said this longhaired man.

In another side, Head of Traffic and Transportation Agency at Jembrana Transportation, Communication and Information Agency, I Ketut Eko Susilo could not contacted because he was out of town. Meanwhile, Standly Suwandhy said that Provincial Transportation Agency already has planned to conduct control operation of public transportation including within it, is illegal travel. His party currently is still coordinating the operation schedule.

News by Bali Post