Thursday, March 4, 2010

Water Board Need to Form Immediately in Bali

Bali provincial government need to form immediately Lembaga Komisi Irigasi (Komir) – irrigation commission institution – and Dewan Sumberdaya air (Dewan Air) – water board – to protect the system of irrigation organization and traditional farming (subak) from outside intervention who also needs water.

Professor of Agriculture Faculty Udayana University, Prof. Dr. I Wayan Windia, M.S., said that Institution of Irrigation Commission and Water Resource Board is part of Bill No. 7 years 2004 concerning water resource.

He said, through forming those two new institutions, subak would not has any connection with the outside parties anymore especially in term of water irrigation problem who had already utilized by the farmers since a long time ago. “That irrigation water hoped could utilized continuously and not like what happened nowadays where lots of irrigation waters by some companies become water in package instead for irrigation,” said Windia in Denpasar on Sunday (February 28).

Water dedicated for the farmer utilized by some parties for business interest outside agriculture ground. Subak has no ability in facing that numerous problems.

“This make subak unable to face with outsides pressures causing the farmer land dried and give no result at all,” he said. Windia also added that if komir and water board has been formed would make them could deals completely with the outsiders who want to utilize the irrigation water.

That is why Bali Provincial Government as well as Regency and City Government in each of their area hopes to encourage the formation of two new institutions who could nurturing and protecting subak. This is very important considering subak as part of Bali’s art and cultural life.

News by NusaBali