Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sole Inheritance of String-Woven Fabric Jembrana

Perhaps most of us will disbelieve that West Loloan village famous for its Muslim community also has cultural inheritance potential such as string-woven that nowadays being forgotten gradually. Rahmat Hidayat (30) is the only one string-woven artisan who still survive in the middle of fabric textile interference. It is called string-woven because when the making of its motive, the cloth-making material is made from tiding threads into varied of specific forms. The woven pattern is varied enough, starting from decorated parallel lines, pots, brackets stars, dodol slices and sweet pomegranates.th me so every month we could produce up to 20 sheets,” he said. In fact, Ayat has seven non-machine looms but only three of them could be use due to the lack of labor,” he said. Read more about String-woven fabric in Jembrana here.