Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hard to Limit Minimarket Development

Head of Pelayanan Perizinan Terpadu (KPPT) – Integrated Authorization Service – of Klungkung office, Putu Suarta stated that it is difficult to limit minimarket development in Klungkung regency. Even though the minimarket existence, sooner or later would shut off traditional market considering its distance that is close each other.

“Moreover, I’m not yet seen any regional regulation that controlling the distance between minimarket and traditional market. But I will check it with technical institution,” said head of KPPT Klungkung, Putu Suarta on Friday (April 2nd).

Suarta mentioned, authorization approval for minimarket establishment in Klungkung for all this time refers to the regulation/decision of Industrial and Marketing Minister especially for those in relationship with Surat Izin Usaha perdagangan (SIUP) – marketing business authorization letter – and tanda daftar perusahaan (TDP) – company registerazion sign -

When asked about commission B of Klungkung council statement, Komang Gede Ludra who conducted sudden inspection to several minimarkets, stated that evaluation is needed in authorization approval process, Suarta mentioned that he still looking for the condition and situation development latter. It is due to the global marketing era, he said. Off course the competition becoming harder, while hoped for the traditional market together with its sellers should conducted developments so they could compete with the existences of minimarkets.

“How could traditional market could stimulate costumer arrival,” he added.

Before, member of commission B conducted sudden inspection into several minimarkets in order to see minimarket development in Klungkung that keep push over the traditional market existence. Traditional market sellers started to feels its impact. They who usually crowded by the buyers everyday starting to get fair, in latter effect, it could affect in numbers of income for further effect in seller economic rate.

“Seeing that problem, commission B of Klungkung council held sudden inspection to several minimarkets. Members of commission B said that several authorization had approved by related institutions in Klungkung Regional Government for minimarket, had against local regulation. Especially in term of its distance with the traditional market. That is why they forced the government evaluating those authorizations approved. So economic balance is fulfilled. After all, said Ludra, from several minimarkets, not all of them used local labors with them.

News by Bali Post