Saturday, April 24, 2010

BFC Promotes Indonesian Films in United States

The Bali Film Center (BFC) will hold an exhibition in Los Angeles and California, promoting a number of Indonesian tourist destinations and objects which could serve as backgrounds for movie making.

Manager of BFC, Ineke announcing the exhibition actual date when in Denpasar Saturday that the event on film making location promotion supported by Ministry of Industry will be held from April 15 to 17, 2010.

“BFC will present the film making locations throughout Indonesia including those which UNESCO has also used, namely Borobudur, Prambanan and Ratu Boko temples,” she said.

She also said that encouraging and supporting film making in tourist locations and resorts are the quickest ways of promoting and introducing Indonesian tourist spots and destinations to the world.

She also added that BFC has arranged meetings with several film industries, studios and companies to identify and offer film and television for development and promotion in a number of locations in Indonesia.

The Indonesian government, she added, has made a strategy to secure film projects in the country, the success of which was proven by the recent presence of Columbia Pictures in the production of “Eat, Pray, and Love” in Bali starring Academy Award winner Julia Roberts.

In Los Angeles, she added, BFC will show a film “Merah Putih” (Red and White) which had earned an appreciation from the American Film Directors Association. Produced by Margate House, the war film against a background of the situation in 1947, described a fight for freedom in the life of three young cadets.

BFC, she added, is a private organization with a commitment to promote Indonesia as a location for film making and film production center, both domestic and international projects. Set up in 2002, this organization provided the first access to contacts for foreign producers, film companies and film studios with an interest in film making in Indonesia.