Monday, April 12, 2010

Pattaya Thailand Mayor Visiting Denpasar

Pattaya Thailand mayor, Itthipol Kunpcoms and his group observe closely the management of save community system belongs to Denpasar City Government, Bali.

That observation conducted after met with Denpasar Mayor, Ida Bagus Rai Dharmawijaya Mantra in his office, Denpasar, Tuesday.

Kunpcoms Mayor said that he was impressed and amazed with “one roof” service system applied by Denpasar government.

Besides, he also praised the information service system based on science and IT that able to hastening the service process to the wider community. The service covers varied of life aspects, especially disaster management supported by the people.

“The arrival of Thailand group to Denpasar gain lots of benefit and wisdom,” said Mayor Kunpcoms who also had visited the radio station of Denpasar City Government, RKPD 91.45 FM.

In that occasion also the guests group confessed that they had held a live broadcast in English guided by Laksmi Saraswati.

He mentioned that one gate service conducted by Denpasar city government could bring about bright achievement.

“The example of that success is deserve to be replicated and applied in order to raise the service for Pattaya Thailand citizen,” he said.

Pattaya Mayor, Itthipol Kunpcoms and his group members while stay in Bali also visiting some of tourism objects such as Besakih temple, the biggest temple in Bali located at the slope of Agung Mountain in Karangasem regency, the eastern part of Bali Island.

News by Antara Bali