Sunday, March 21, 2010

Denpasar Government Conducting Health Safari

Denpasar government is routinely conducting health safari into each banjar or village in their territories in order to raise their people health rate.

Head of Denpasar Health Agency, dr. Luh Sri Armini in Denpasara, Thursday, said that this activity aiming for the people health escalation.

“In order to give the best health service for Denpasar citizen, then the government conducting this kind of health safari activity,” Sri Armini said.

Besides health safari, she also conducting people data who suffered from cataract for further follows up with surgery.

“For cataract surgeon will be centralized at Denpasar Mayor office,” she said.

Head of Banjar Medura, Sanur Kauh Village, South Denpasar, Made Suardika confessed that this health safari is helpful especially for lesser people.

“Government concern toward their people health is always high considering this health safari not merely conducting when election issue become a hot fuzz, this kind of activity had been conducted regularly starting from posyandu paripurna up to health safari,” he said.

Although, said Suardika, the citizen who welcoming this health safari enthusiastically in concern with the high price health could cost for the people.

“In this health safari, besides give basic health check, they also give free eye examination as well as giving free glasses,” he said.

In the future, Suardika wish for this kind of activity could done more intense and routinely considering health as the most important thing to be concern with.

Meanwhile, a citizen who went through health safari, Made Sudarta, confessed that he was very helpful with this kind of activity.

“Although puskesmas – health care center – did not charged them still with health safari activity in every banjar could lightening their burden for health check,” said Sudarta.

News by Antara Bali