Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Meaning of Labuh Gentuh Ceremony

On Wednesday, December 16th Hindu’s in Bali will held Karya Agung Labuh Gentuh ceremony, Mendak Toya, Pakelem at Batur Lake and at the peak of Mount Batur. Then what is the meaning of that ceremony?

Labuh Gentuh is a tawur ritual procession asking for nature harmonization. This procession used ceremonial mediums such as animal for sacrifice or called sato. Lectures from Universitas Hindu Indonesia (Unhi) Denpasar, Wayan Suka Yasa and Wayan Budiutama said that the function of this ceremony in fact to remind the people to always protecting and maintaining nature preservation. In fact, the people had been educated to maintain the nature as for the lake, the mountain, forest and other water resources.

”The essence of this ceremony was preservation message that should be followed with action,” said Budiutama and Wayan Suka Yasa on Sunday, December 13th. We ought to conducting lake preservation through greening action, don’t contaminate the lake’s water then it will preserves the fertility of the land in Bali which will end to the people welfare.

Meanwhile, the lecture from Institut Hindu Dharma Negeri (IHDN) Denpasar, Ketut Wiana said that Labuh Gentuh is considered as the name of banten tawur – tawur offering – for middle level pacaruan ceremony balancing the relationship between human and nature. It means that human need to emerge love toward nature as for lake and other water sources.

The same thing also been said by another lecture from IHDN Denpasar, Prof. Ketut Subagiasta. He said that Labuh Gentuh is considered as a natural harmonization effort through Bhuta Yadnya implementation. Through this ceremony the people asked for Ida Shang Hyang Widhi Wasa for the natural preservation.

In Danu Kertih context, it had been wished for the lake preservation in favor of its water pureness and cleanest. Through this ceremony also they wish on behalf of sarwa hita or safety (sukerta) creation.

With Danu Kertih, people asked to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa for the grace of water for this world salvation. Through this ritual also, the water of the lake is hoped keep preserve and pure. “Danu Kertih ceremony, wana kertih and segara kertih precisely appear as Hindu’s form of wisdom dedicated to reach sukartening palemahan or the preservation of nature and environment,” he said.

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