Thursday, December 24, 2009

Regency and Police Resort Cooperates in Travelling Drive License Service

The synergy happened between the regency government and Jembrana Resort Police was not showed in control operation only. Two supreme head of this department agreed to synergize in realizing traveling driving license service.

That thing is revealed when Jembrana regent, I Gede Winasa met with Head of Jembrana Police Resort, AKBP. R Ahmad Nurwakhid in the VIP room of Jembrana Regent Office on Thursday, December 10th. At that time, Winasa, a regent who famous with various innovations delivered his idea about travelling driving license service system and allowed the use of Mobile Central Access Point (M-CAP) that is belong to the Jembrana Government for the need of realizing that idea.

“Driving License Service could be done through mobile online yet the server still in the Resort Police office. M.CAP cars were provide by the government so Resort Police don’t have to buy it again,” suggest Winasa. For the technical terms, Winasa is ready to help by sending Jembrana Government’s IT team. “Technically we already have IT team to prepare our every need,” he added.

That suggestion directly responded positively from the Head of Resort Police, Nurwakhid who just a month served as the Head in Jembrana Resort Police – Kapolres – According to the Jembrana Resort Police’s Head of Traffic Unit, AKP I Nyoman Nuryana who who also accompanied Kapolres, said that the driving license service in Jembrana is the only one service in Bali who can be accessed online together with Mabes Polri – headquarter of Indonesian Republic Police Forces – in Jakarta.

“So the data in Jembrana driving license has already connected straightly into Jakarta,” said Nuryana. Related to the traveling driving license service, he mentioned that this kind of thing had already conducted by them, but it merely once in a month and the vehicle itself comes from Bali Provincial Police.

Besides suggesting for Traveling Driving License service, Winasa also suggested for traffic line separation for motorcycle and car to anticipate the high rank of traffic accident. “It is due to the accident happened between motorcycles are rarely happened,” Winasa said. That suggestion is welcomed well by Kapolres. “Off course we can do it sir, for the first step we will try it in city traffic line first,” he said. Kapolres admitted his salute with some ideas coming from this Jembrana regent. “We will keep trying tightened our cooperation in order to maintaining public order and safety in Jembrana,” he said.

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