Saturday, December 26, 2009

Provincial Government will Rehabilitates TPA Suwung

Bali Provincial Government planned to rehabilitate mangrove forest area in Suwung Denpasar which is used as Tempat Pembuangan Akhir (TPA) – Final Rubbish Banishment Location – Suwung Denpasar.

From 30 hectare of TPA Suwung in the territory of Bali Province is planned for rehabilitation area in mangrove forest area in Suwung Denpasar which is has been used as the location of TPA Suwung Denpasar. Mangrove forest area used for rubbish installation process is about 10 hectare.

Bali governor, Made Mangku Pastika in his statement in Suwung Denpasar on December 14th, said about his plan to rehabilitate mangrove forest area precisely located in the TPA location is still in permit application process to the central government. Since the entire license for the utilization of that mangrove forest area is in the hand of central government.

”The land used by rubbish processing installation merely 10 hectare, for the rest we will reforest it,” said Made Mangku Pastika.

Pastika hope for this plan can pass the central government agreement, remembering this rehabilitation effort has lot advantages for the effort of forest land area covering in Bali which only reach the number of 22.5 percent from the width of Bali area. Besides mangrove has function in retaining abrasion and fish ecosystem.

News by Berita Bali